Rickrolled at Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade


Thats hilarious! Did you know, if you played a Kylie Minogue 45rpm single at 33rpm, it sounds EXACTLY like Rick Astley! And to think, I have the original ‘Never gonna give you up’ on vinyl as well… I’m ashamed :frowning:

Wow, no warning or anything. just blamo…thats evil in its purest form.
Poor, poor kids.

I like that song, and at least they got rickrolled by the man himself  :laughing:

I just realized he’s from the Lancashire.

Funny thing, my daughter and I had to explain last night what “Rickrolling” is to my husband before he could get the joke…


I think that it’s pretty neat that Astley has embraced that which mocks him…

Of course, he’s making tons of cash from residuals over the use of his song I suspect and as they say any publicity is good publicity as long as they spell your name right.

Still, he seems to be having fun with it, which is more than a few of the prima donnas of music might have done eh… :smiley:

Yeah.  I also really like the way that Rick is taking all of this, he finds all of this attention two decades later to be amusing.  Yes.  other aficionados may have reacted negatively if they were mocked in this way.  Good for Rick.  :sunglasses:

A friend of mine has a theory that he was the one that started the rickroll to boost his popularity - I have no idea how much truth there might be to that - but I don’t really care if it is true; I still think he’s handling it very well.