Rick Astley Video

He does bear a striking resemblance to David Caruso. 

I can’t get that song out of my head now…thanks for that.

You’ve been rickrolled!


i forgot how bad the dancing was in that video…the best is the bartender that just can’t keep him self from getting down

LOL :smiley:, thanks MiG. 
I had to spend time explaining who the guy in the video was to my 13 year old…she liked the singing…aaaarrrrrggggghhhhh, heh-heh. :smile:

I usually don’t post stuff from Digg, but this I couldn’t resist.

Where is Chuck Barris and his gong when you need him?

I think I’ve found my soul mate.

Thread resurrection time!

Just in came some of you pleebs don’t read xkcd everyday:

Great moments in trolling <— believe it or not, not a rickroll!

LMAO, funny stuff, man. :sunglasses:

I almost didn’t click on the link, but then I thought what’s one more rickrolling.  Still I’m glad I was wrong.

Somehow I thought that rickrolling was just an inside joke between Mig and a few others here.  I had no idea it was a web-wide phenomenon.

Money well invested in those music lessons, perhaps there’s a community band somewhere in need of a trumpet player…