Rewarding times at City Hall: Your tax dollars and where they went!

In among the many, many pages of the agenda for Monday night’s “special session” City Council meeting were some interesting numbers, reflecting the significant remuneration for a number of civic employees and the spread the wealth activities of the city’s various purchasing departments.

A sharp eyed reader of our blog tipped our attention to pages 42 to 43 of the Monday night agenda, which provided for the annual recitation of names and pay packets of those employees that make over the 75 thousand dollar a year threshold. Twenty two employees are your most likely targets for picking up the tab should you run into them in your local watering hole, making up over two million dollars in salary and collectively claiming an additional 50,000 dollars in expenses…

(from  the blog a town called podunk, click on the link below to see the entire article … 3905253149 )- 

Could you publish the top 22 list?

Don’t see much use in naming a bunch of names, just for the sake of naming them, as mentioned in the story, the list is readily available (well perhaps not quite readily, as we do have to look them up and it was hidden away in the agenda of an unscheduled meeting  ) 

Never the less, All you seek is available on the city website, … Agenda.pdf

Pages 41-43