Return of Family Guy!

Has anyone caught the new episode of Family Guy yet?

The scene before the intro is pretty sweet, taking a stab back at Fox, a little “You guys are idiots” type dealy…

I must say though, it felt awful wierd to be watching a new episode, after two years of watching and rewatching the DVDs. Real wierd…

Yeah, I got it off Direct Connect a couple nights ago, it’s real good. The British Porn acts are priceless!

same ole same ole

which is to say… pretty good.

what who when where wtf? family guy new when ?

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It’s great to have family guy back! I love Stewie!

I didn’t find the new episode very funny. There was no lol

Oh come on, when Peter swerves the car to wake up Lois by getting her head slammed was hilarious.

Didn’t see the new episode

this is old.