I could not believe what I was reading here!  MiG using snail mail!!! OMG how retro is that! :wink:

Even when it was fashionable to send letters. I never did. during the war I didn’t keep up with current events back at home. No letters to the parents, my siblings, as I found it a wast of time.
why when I could pick up a phone and dial a number and talk to them; hear their voice. I found mail too impersonal know I’m in my latter years, with the advent of this thing called the internet and email I find myself picking up my cell phone and calling those people I call family and friends.  :unamused:

If there’s one thing that gets a bureaucrat’s attention, it’s a paper trail.

Yes.  That’s one of the solid truths of our time.

what is the price of a stamp these days?

52 cents