I heard the other day that Mr Mikes is coming to town. The old via rail building down by the whale. I guess will have to wait and see now.

Please tell Ajaye!

Where did you hear this?

I’m not sure he heard it or saw it. If you drive down to the Rotary Park, there is a large sign on the old CN structure, giving that indication.

I didn’t see that sign, does it say Mr Mikes on it ?

Mr X told me.

There is if someone can afford to buy a franchise. It is a franchise opportunity and I believe in the realm of $300 -$400K. Would be nice ! I would rather see money be thrown into renovating the bowling alley though and bringing that back, something for parents and kids to do and us old folks !

If the bowling ally went down, then why would you invest in some thing that wasnt supported by the family and kids? A new eatery probably would have more customers.

Was there not a Mr Mikes here before. Stuff under new management can thrive, so possibly some were not impressed with the previous owners of the bowling alley.

nothing is going into the CN building , the owner likes to get his name into the paper trying to get investors

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And there’s this…

Personally, I’ll believe it when I see it. We hear so many of these ‘absolutely’ ‘100%’ “I know a guy” rumours, but they usually don’t pan out.

I will meet you all there for dinner when it opens :smile:

There’s a sign on the building that says Mr. Mikes now.

Well it says:

Franchise Opportunity

“Mr. Mikes Steakhouse & Bar”

For More Information Call 1-800-###-####

Called Mr.Mikes head office in Vancouver and they said they are not opening a restaurant here, but want to expand into the city and are looking for interested parties who would like to franchise. Initial investment amount is $50,000.