Replying to spam

You guys are replying to spam.

the need to chat is great even with a bot…

Summarizing, then, we assume that a descriptively adequate grammar may remedy and, at the same time, eliminate the traditional practice of grammarians. In the discussion of resumptive pronouns following (81), the fundamental error of regarding functional notions as categorial cannot be arbitrary in a parasitic gap construction.

ya thats exactly what I was going to say… :unamused: LOL

Clearly, the descriptive power of the base component is not to be considered in determining problems of phonemic and morphological analysis. Furthermore, the systematic use of complex symbols is to be regarded as the system of base rules exclusive of the lexicon.

hehe you read my mind :smiley:


[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

If any of you were around in the old USENET days, do you remember the Serder Argic guy?

It was an awesome bot.  It would scan USENET for any postings with the word "Turkey"or “Armenia” and then reply to them in this format:

  1. Quote the first paragraph of the post.
  2. Insult the author with one line (usually something like “Mentally unstable self-admitted Armenian Liar”)
  3. Spew pre-written propaganda denying the Armenian holocaust.

It was hilarious, because if you posted something like “Hey, does anybody have any recipes for a decent Thanksgiving Turkey?” it would trigger the bot.

I think a lot of the posts are still archived on Google News.

Good times, USENET.  Before the Eternal September, anyway.

Edit:  this is probably one of the few threads that has come back from the Wasteland!

It may be spam and it may be a bot, but can it see why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

Even though it was a bit before my time, I consider myself a longer user of “the Internet” than most users these days, so I sometimes talk about how great life was until the September that never ended.

Although, in a delicious bit of irony, I am really a part of that “mainstream” neophyte userbase that wrecked the Internet.

Even in frickin’ 1984 they were complaining about September newbies wrecking the 'net.

I think it’s a modern version of the ole “Kids these days, no respect!” routine.  I started on the net in 1984, and I guess I was one of those kids ruining things.

Someday, I’m going to have an immaculately manicured front lawn, and I tell you “hwat”, those kids had better stay off of it.

With your $399 300 baud Commodore 64 modem?

And 80-col vt52 emulator.