good to see the renovations are happening at McDonald’s… over do. When is the drive- thru ready to open ? I need my morning coffee for work…

As far as I know the drive-thru has remained open while reno’s are going on.

oh…all righty then, I’ll be there in the morning…


oh…all righty then, I’ll be there in the morning…[/quote]

Yes, I saw someone going through the drive through today.

Yes YEARS over do. Good to see that the reno talk a few months ago was not just that.

The drive-thru was closed the for at least one day that I know of but it is up and running again!

McD’s will have to close for 3 or 4 days in early April (?maybe 4th, 5th and 6th??) when the kitchen gets renovated, so get your feed bag on now!!! And…it is “OVERDUE”, not over do.

I saw tarps across the front the other day, does this mean they are opening it up and finally going to put in decent playland for the kiddies??? Considering the weather we have here you would have thought they would put one in…no brainer in terms of ramping up sales one would think.

yes, I appologize… my McD’s coffee was OVERDUE that morning :smile:

Alert the authorities…someone made a spelling mistake!!!

i did notice that it is an out of town contractor doing the work, and they brought all the materials with them, so they didn’t hire any one locally and didn’t buy any materials locally. Thanks for for supporting the community you get all your profits from, I don’t like their shitty, food any way.

McD’s put out all their franchise reno’s to tender in the province at once. They were looking for an outfit to handle all of them. I’m pretty sure that no outfit in PR is capable of doing 100 or so reno’s around the province. It would have been nice if the outfit had made use of local carpenters and building supply companies, but that is the way of the world these days.

Not exactly the case, the contractor is a house builder from Smithers, from what I can find out, they have brought their crew with them (no locals working there) and I believe brought all of their materials with them from Smithers.
I also believe that the PR McDs is the only contract they have, as soon as I found out about this I expressed my displeasure to the local manager about the lack of support shown for the community and the local workforce, he said it wasn’t his decision and there was nothing he could do about the situation ,etc.etc. blah blah, if more people did what I did I am sure McDs will get the message.
And BTW the building itself was originally built entirely by a lcoal contractor with a local crew.

are they building a kiddy play area on the side of the building? heard that rumor…lol