Removing a post

Any idea of how to remove a post on htmf ?

You can remove your own posts. If it is someone else, we don’t remove them but they can be removed from public view.
If you see a post from someone else that you think should be removed, you can send a personal message to that person and ask them to delete or edit their post. If it is a very serious matter, you can send a message to a moderator and we can remove it from public view.

I hope this helps.

Personal messages are sent by clicking the icon under the member’s name ( it says pm).
You can recognize an administrator or a moderator because it says the title under their avatar ( like me)

I noticed after a certain amount of time, I cannot remove the posts that I have made.

Say I make a post today, I come back tomorrow and find I am unable to remove the post I had previously made.

It really depends on the condition and material used for the post, metal or wood can be cut off level with the ground.
to completely remove the post you may have to resort to pulling it out with a come along or your pickup, I reccomend at least two wraps with a chain around the post to ensure the chain doesn’t slip off when you are pulling on it,