Registry cleaner

I cannot find an actual “free” registry cleaner online. They all will only scan and will not fix anything without payment. I was wondering if anybody else has found an actual free registry cleaner, or am I gonna have to buy one?

The best registry cleaner I’ve found is just to format the computer and re-install Windows :wink: I’m not just being facetious, though I am a little bit. If you use Windows, like a normal person, for a period of time, then it tends to get slower and slower and fill up with crud.

People are always amazed when you format a 3-year-old computer and reinstall Windows.

Ccleaner seems pretty good…and free. Like any of these products, use at you own risk. I’ve never had an issue using it, but it apparently screwed up a friend’s computer. Not sure where their site is, but here’s a link to the download.

Glary Utilities has a fantastic registry cleaner built in that I have never seen damage result from. A good try if you don’t want to use the best registry clean method, as stated by Mig. :smile:

Thanks for the suggestions, I think I am reformatting.

I agree with MiG. I don’t use a registry cleaner on my XP Pro partition. When I notice it going south I back-up my stuff and format.

I agree with Mig, when windows gets too many apps installed it gets very sluggish and the best solution is a re-install. Messing with registry when you don’t have a firm grasp of what you’re really doing to it can be very hazardous to your system and in some cases renders it inoperable. If you don’t have all your critical data backed up correctly you will be a very unhappy camper.

Windows is like any other OS its happiest with 10-14 apps installed, anymore it gets slower and slower, figure out what you really need on your system and only install what you need and no more. anti-virus, 2 spyware, office, burner program, your fav browser an what ever you deem necessary.
Here is a really good app to install some of the mentioned programs like a batch file.
this works great and really stream lines re installs

Then why use Windows at all?

you should use loonix, its far supereer

A form of unix designed to be run by waterfowl I’m guessing. :smile: Heh-heh, just kidding. Yes. Linux is relatively immune to malware and virus infections.

In the way the diameter of a Lifesaver is relative to the diameter of Jupiter.

In the way the diameter of a Lifesaver is relative to the diameter of Jupiter.[/quote]

Ha-ha-ha-ha…I was trying to be diplomatic. :smile: