Red hot sexy...whales?

Check it out, whale porn!

Well, it’s not REALLY whale porn but I was hopeful for a bit.

How did I find it you ask? Well, I was googling “whale porn”. That probably leads to, “WHY WERE YOU GOOGLING THAT?”. Well, long story short I’m taking a break from writing my bio lab and I’ve had too much coffee!

Enjoy, heathens!


Nuke the whales!

Hah, he said “giant blow holes”.

Personally I prefer to download full length whale porn movies via bit torrent.

You know what’s probably also pretty weird? It doesn’t bother or surprise me at all that you were googling for whale porn.

Some people will look at anything to get their rocks off. :open_mouth:

Amen brothah!

you ever see the whale that blew up in a Taiwanese city downtown …man thats funny