Recruiting Centers

Does Rupert or Terrace have a Canadian Forces Recruiting center? If not when do they send out Recruiters to Rupert?

usually at the job fair they have it at the civic center i think it was june or july m aybe lol

In the time it took you to post you could have just googled the answer. There are only two recruiting centres in BC. One in Victoria and this one:

CFRC Vancouver
620 Royal Avenue
New Westminster
V3M 1J2

I know that there are only 2 in BC. What I mean is, is there a place in Rupert or Terrace where I can write the CFAT (Canadian Forces Aptitude Test) and do the physical, medical examinations and interview because it would suck to have to ferry down to Van or Vic just to do those. I should clerify my questions next time.

Check at the EI office they post when there is an open house for the Armed Forces

A very very long time ago I did all that testing. The military paid for me to fly down to Vancouver to do it. All I did was submit an application.

They seem to come out in the spring as the school year winds if I remember correctly, but I could be wrong on that, maybe around the time of the trades fair.

Anyways,they have a website, so I’m sure if you want more information all you have to do is contact them, I’m pretty sure they’ll get back to you :smiley: … px?lang=en

Ah, this I can help you with as I am in the military and have gone through this process a few years ago. In order to do the Appt Test/Medical/Physical and Interview you must submit an application located on the recruiting website along with other info found on the site. CFRC Vancouver will contact you and arrange for a flight/hotel for you to Vancouver where you will do your Appt Test/Medical/Physical and Interview. When I did mine they ran out of time for my Physical and I waited about a month or so when they had sent some recruiters up to Rupert and I did it at the Highlinner Inn. A few weeks after that I was given my job offer and accepted it and was off to basic training in St. Jean, Quebec. You can click on this link to view the CFLRS St-Jean website, this is where you’ll probably do your basic Click on the link that ThePodunkian provided to find the forms and the different trades that are available in the CF.

Thank you for that information. I am really looking forward to becoming a member of the Canadian forces. I have watched that movie call “Basic Up” which is a series about what basic training is about and I have been browsing the forums which both have helped in my decision to join.
Do you have any stories that you can maybe share?

Well on my last sail I was deployed to the Gulf for Op Altair where we sailed around the Gulf of Aden and the Arabian Sea. On my way there and back we circumnavigated the world. It was pretty interesting going around the world seeing the different countries and going through the Panama and Suez Canal. Seeing the things I’ve seen, really makes me appreciate Canada alot more. When we stopped in India, I volunteered to help do some work at a school. We painted the school, built a fence and started the foundation for a new building. When we arrived, we were welcomed as if we were heros. The instructors were playing some instruments and the school children were waving Canadian and Indian flags and putting flowers around our neck. At the end of the day we all felt like we had made a difference and we had a great time. You can actually view a 3 part series of the deployment I was on. I’m just not sure what channel it’ll be on and the name of it. If you have any questions or wanna hear about some experiances just post back here.

Tell us more!  It’s great to hear about the Canadian Navy :smiley:

hey smartass, here you go, a tale of life on the seas to tap your toes to:

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