Recording Software

I’m about to get some recording software for my computer, to work with my bass. I don’t really know what’s good and what’s not. I’ve been told that Cakewalk is pretty popular and works very well but I haven’t used anything like this before.

Do any of you guys use recording software? Is Cakewalk a good buy? download cakewalk and give it a try

yeah, I haven’t used anything though. I was wondering how it compared to other programs, are there better ones out there that I should check out?

I don’t want to download a bunch to figure it out.

I used SoundForge, its good. I can send you it if you want. SONAR 3 ny Cakewalk is amazing, but to legitamatly buy it at $500 USD for the cheap version is a little steep. But than again… who is legit now-a-days?

How about the lower-class cakewalks? Even if they aren’t as impressive as this Sonar 3, are they adequate?

The only Cakewalk program I have used is SONAR, but SoundForge is similar, and free*.

  • With appropriate warez

when you say SONAR, do you mean Sonar 3? Can you get a Sonar 1? I’m not really familiar with this stuff.

Yes, SONAR 3 is what I meant. You can get trials of SONAR3 I know, but it’s pretty gay seeing as you can’t save, but I was thinking of getting a copy ripped for me, maybe I can get 2 if I go through with that.

Yeah, that would be cool.