Recording Industry Sues 762 for Net Music Swaps … ID=6381480

ahhh It’s great to live in Canada!

intesting little article…touches on copyright in Canada…

Wow… even with my lack of knowledge I was still able to understand that!

I wonder if there is anyone in Rupert doin this sort of stuff? Getting cable and phone service through their neighbours?

Isnt rupert supposed to get fiber optic?

Rupert is supposed to get a lot of things. :unamused:

Rupert got fiber long ago. So did Kitimat. 1996?

If Rupert got fiber its not lit. There is fiber to the top of Mt. Hays from down town. Fiber out to Ridley from down town, a big ring of fibre around downtown, to the coast guard, out to industrial site and as far as the campground. There might be more but thats what I’m aware of.

And only a small percentage of that is lit. All of Ruperts transport out is microwave. The last few slides that have taken out gas lines, or road would have also probably taken out fiber too…

Wireless will be the future. Its going to be ubiquitous and all encompassing. I see a future where you might not have a land line anymore. All you will have is a fat pipe (FTTH maybe?) to your house.

You’ll do everything over that pipe. tv, phone, internet whatever. I know people now that even though they do have a land line, I always, always call their cell. I have a better chance of getting them on that than their landline.

But when you leave your house you will have some device that will connect to any sort of wireless out there, probably not unlike that fellow in the story. I expect my daughter in 20yrs to have connectivity unlike we know now. But it will be wireless…

my .02


There must be fiber connecting Citytel to the main line from Prince George. I know they didn’t hook in right away, but if you have DSL there’s no way the old microwave can carry that kind of load. They wouldn’t have sunk that kind of $$ into old technology.
Tracert htmf from here shows PG backhauled to Van, one hop to Citytel gateway.
Fiber is mainly CO to CO, with a few direct runs to major business (Alcan, UNBC, & total gov’t wastrels). Even in Vanc there’s little. 360 networks lost their shirts running fiber, and it’s being used now they were gobbled up.
But yeah in 10 years it will prob. be used in new subdivision installs. Until then the Telcos will limit out existing copper before sinking 2c into local loop fiber.
( they were running 2 wire or 4 wire copper drops here for 10 years after I moved from the mainlaind where 4 pair drops were standard. Telcos are th major buyers of copper, the less they use the lower copper goes for. The cheaper copper gets, the more reason to use it. You can deliver an E10 over 4 pairs of cat3 existing copper that’s already there to any new house in the mainland )

Brand spankin’ new SONET microwave gear able to carry data at least the OC12 level, possibly OC48. Telus did spend some big $$ to put that gear up there. And same type of gear went in to Terrace as well.

I think someone said it can do 23 DS3’s…which is over a Gig.

Though I’m not sure of the exact specs it was installed a year ago this month acutally at the top of Mt. Hays. Fiber to the top of Hays then microwave out to Terrace then its into fiber again from there to Van.

The old microwave stuff was falling apart. They had a component go at one point and they didnt know if they were going to find a replacement it was so old. They were able to bandage the old one and keep it alive at least till the new gear was installed.