Recipes, suggestions, etc?

Veggie Ground Round!

Which is?

That shit is AWESOME! We use that a lot. It’s a tofu meat replacement. One package equals one pound of hamburger. Great stuff for when you’re cooking something that can infuse it with flavor. I made sloppy joe’s for my dad one time and he couldn’t tell it wasn’t hamburger. Once I told him we were eating healthy, he now uses it too.


Yeah, or you could use ground beef. Like, why not?

We there IS the whole “eating healthy” thing. For me though it’s mainly because my wife won’t eat hamburger.


Eating healthy? Nah I really can’t stand the texture of tofu. And even if it was the exact same I’m just too much of a hater to accept it. I’ll stick to my regular ground beef. Is veggie ground round cheaper?

pork chops marinated in olive oil + tequila + red hot chilli’s + oregano + seasoned salt + garlic fry em chop em make wraps with a little cheese + ranch dressing

That sounds delicious. Drool.

I use garlic in like almost every dish. It’s awesome. Garlic rules.

chicken burgers from extra foods, breaded :smile:

with bread from maverick


1 pack of chicken burgers from extra is like $5 and the bread at maverick is like $1.50


Watch out Emmeril…heres a new up and comer.

if you like rice, next time you make a meal using rice, make extra, I like using left over rice for meals the next day, make like 4 cups and if you only have one or two serves, thats a lot of rice for the next day, you can keep it refridgerated til you need it.  I usually put some in with my soups, like chicken noodle, mushroom, or tomato soup. or you can whip up some eggs and throw it in the frying pan with the rice and boom fried rice with eggs, and which ever veggies you want.  i like frying my rice with eggs and bacon Mmmmm baconnn

wow, some of you have atrocious diets.

You might think thats funny, or even witty. However it just goes to show how much of a douche canoe you are.

That is all.

Apparently eating healthy is stinky.  Between the dried apricots and beef jerky my farts are pretty rank.

At least I’m not a vegetarian. I dated one once and her farts smelled like compost.

:confused:  :frowning:

I pretty much live off of junk food.  and to be honest I think gas is all around stink

I pretty much live off of junk food.  and to be honest I think gas is all around stink

I was 290 pounds last september  and extremely obese. I have not had junk food in about a year and am now 210 pounds. Roughly 10 pounds to go and I should have visible abs.

I also quit smoking about 2 months ago and am trying to be healthy in general.

bitches love it.

I did smoke when I was young, but haven’t smoked in 25 years.  I don’t miss it.  Congrats on the weight loss.  I need to get more active and watch my diet more…maybe cut down a bit on beer…(now I’m talking crazy talk). 

Smoking was the hardest thing in the world for me to quit.  If you have never smoked, don’t do it.  It’s fine for a little while, then you spend 10 years trying to stop. 

10 years?
Try 30 !
That first pack you buy is the goddam stupidest thing you’ll ever do in your life. No shit!

If I could go back in time and kick my own ass I would.  The amount of time I spend on my diet now is ludicrous. Chances are if im posting on HTMF I am also researching, finding recipe’s etc.

However I’ve managed to fit beer into my diet quite nicely.