Recipes, suggestions, etc?

I’m going to University now and although I’ve got a meal plan I still prefer to cook my own meals. Anyone out there got any cheap favorites they’d like to share?

So far I’ve been a big fan of rice. Rice just rocks. A bit of meat and some veggies and that’s a respectable meal!

I just rediscovered juice concentrates. Man, where was my mind? I’ve spent two months without real juice! Screw crystals!

Toast and peanut butter makes for a good snack.

So lets here em!

Buy things in bulk and freeze them (especially meat). Get a hold of a Costo membership if you can for some of that stuff (there are other places to buy bulk as well I think).

Always have at least 2 boxes of KD and pizza pops in your kitchen. You’ll never know when they come in handy.

I eat an insane amount of pasta… You can make a good pasta dish out of just about anything. Cheese is key.

I don’t know much for rice recipes, but those little packets of ‘thai rice’ mix sold at safeway (usually on a stand near the fish and deli stuff) is super good and easy to make. Other than that, pick up some green curry paste and coconut milk, mix them together to get the taste your after and throw in some chicken, beef, whatever… put it on rice!

Getting back to pasta, if you like tuna, I like to saute up some garlic, capers and a can of tuna then a can of diced tomatoes… mix it up with some linguinie and parmesan… Also, parsley, diced romas, garlic and brie cheese make a killer sauce… But really, anything does… Cream of Mushroom soup is a good sauce maker to master. It goes on rice, noodles, pork chops, whatever.

Pizza Pockets and Tang!

I also eat tons of pasta. Milk, butter, flour, cheese, a spice or two, and maybe a little bit of meat is a great creamy cheese sauce that takes about 5 minutes to make.

Get some flavoured soft tortillas, some lettuce, tomatoes, red or green peppers, your favorite salad dressing,cheese, and pieces of cooked chicken, beef, pork or even shrimp and make yourself some wraps. Fast, easy, filling and tasty.

Nothing beats the $5 spagetti. Ground beef, lots of garlic, onion, green pepper, oragano, premade getti sauce, salt & pepper.

Well, if you like rice and you like spicy food, you can’t do much better than kimchi fried rice. It takes a little time to prepare and it can get a little messy, but you can make a lot of it at once and keep the leftovers in the fridge for days.

Here’s how you make it.


2 cups cooked rice
250 grams ground pork (beef’s ok too, but pork goes better with kimchi
1 tbsp vegetable oil
1 egg
1 carrot, diced
2 celery stalks, chopped
1 onion, sliced
1 green pepper, diced
1/2 - 1 cup kimchi
kimchi sauce, to taste

Start by frying the pork in a large wok. When it’s cooked, remove it from the pan, leaving the juices behind. Add the oil and heat it up. Beat the egg and add it to the oil, then stir vigorously until it’s about half scrambled.

Add the rice, vegetables, and about 1/2 a cup of kimchi to start. If you think that’s enough, leave it. If not, add some more. Cook the mixture, stirring constantly until the rice is sticky and slightly browned. Then return the meat to the pan and mix together.

Add a little kimchi sauce to the fried rice and taste. Keep adding more until you get it as hot as you like it.

And that’s it!

3 tbsp Hoisin Sauce
6 tbsp ketchup
1 tsp - 1 rbsp Sambal Oelek or 1/2 tsp Saigon chili oil to taste
3 tbsp light soy
2 tbsp peanut butter
blend smooth in cup put aside. Hot water will thin it if you need to.

Dice (I mean superfine) 1 medium onion, 1 red pepper

Heat peanut oil in wok HIGH, put in pepper, onion & minced garlic fry till brown and take out.

Drop in a pound of #3 Shrimp or prawns, if frozen wait till juice coming out, if not stir fry 2 mins, then dump in sauce and browned pepper/onion
Cook til sauce is thick and sprinkle chopped green onion for looks.

this is goooooood…

EDIT: the hotter the better

Your roomate or neighbour’s food tastes pretty good too…

Ok, I figure I might as well share one of my closely guarded recipies.

szechuan? sauce, + hot chillies + oregano + basil + olive oil + garlic + seasonned salt.

Slice chicken fry mix with liberal amounts of above ingredients…

Oh either throw over rice with extra sauce stuff… or just put it on a bun for a sandwhich… boneless skinless chicken thighs are very cheap and good for this.

Make fettucine alfredo with chicken breasts. For each different part of the recipe i’ll explain in different places:


  1. Either make your own sauce or buy it bulk in powder form
  2. As the sauce is cooking when the sauce is completely mixed, add i) Pepper ii) Sprinkle some salt iii) Sprinkle a dash or two of garlic (powder form recommended) iv) As many chives as wished v) As much oregeno as wished vi) do the same with basil vii) add a dash of tomeric powder viii) add a dash of paprika ix) Add a tiny hint of Curry powder x) add a random hot sauce xi) to keep the sauce from sticking and adding some flavour, add a tiny bit of olive oil.
  3. Make sure it’s creamy or thick, not runny.
  4. If the color of the sauce is a bit orange/yellow, you’ve succeeded


  1. I prefer frying the chicken, so do this method
  2. Add a bit of Olive oil, not too much (pasta will increase in fat quantity)
  3. Cut up garlic in very small pieces (if you wish) or add garlic powder for convenience
  4. Sprinkle curry powder onto the chicken and stir so that all the chicken is covered
  5. Sprinkle the paprika and do the same
  6. Add oregeno
  7. Cook until preferrably crispy/soft (the chicken shouldn’t be too soft or the pasta won’t be top enjoyable)


  1. Put the noodles in a casserole dish
  2. Pour sauce onto the noodles but not on one spot (pour it all around the noodles)
  3. Add chicken and then stir the sauce and chicken to mix all noodles into the sauce.

I call this fettucine alfredo “Pyro-Alfredo”.

Hey, what’s the deal with paprika? I’ve got a huge jar of it, and no other spices, so I add paprika to everything. It wasn’t really affecting flavour, so I started adding more and more of it… still, nothing. Finally, I ate a pinch of straight paprika, and the shit is flavourless! What a useless spice. Just for colour, I guess. Like, garnish.

Yeah, if you want something with a real kick, cayenne pepper’s the thing. I make a pretty mean Jambalaya with it.

Basically, you take some chicken thighs, chop them up into bite-sized pieces, season them with cayenne pepper and fry them in vegetable oil in a big pot, just to brown them on the outside.

Then add some chopped ham and sausage (Spanish Chorizo or hot Italian sausage work great for this), and a can or two of diced tomatoes, depending on how much meat you have. I also like to add some chopped celery and green peppers.

Then you add 1-2 cups of uncooked rice, and double that amount of water. Throw in some more cayenne pepper to taste and some chopped fresh parsley, bring it to a boil, then cover and let it simmer for 20 minutes or so until the water is absorbed and the rice is cooked.

Makes a lot and it takes a bit of time, but it’s great for a fair number of people.

I just combined rice, carrots, and celery. And that’s it. I’m not even going to add paprika. This will be the most flavourless meal ever.

Dude, paprika has flavor! Try it on deviled eggs.

Dude, it just makes the eggs look cool. They still taste like egg.

Like, I ate this shit straight, and it still didn’t taste like anything.

I swear officer, it’s just paprika!

You probably have some shitty ass paprika then, or there is something wrong with your taste buds. Get some good quality hungarian paprika, that’s the good stuff. I cook with it often…mmm.
Spices are key in any meal, for sure. It’s a good idea to have a variety of different spices to play with, if you like cooking for yourself.

The paprika I have is not good, it’s from Bulk Barn, not good quality, no taste.

[quote=“Goobylicious”]You probably have some shitty ass paprika then, or there is something wrong with your taste buds. Get some good quality hungarian paprika, that’s the good stuff. I cook with it often…mmm.
Spices are key in any meal, for sure. It’s a good idea to have a variety of different spices to play with, if you like cooking for yourself.[/quote]

spices like anything else lose thier flavour over time, it is probably really old paprika, how long have you had it? FYI paprika. cayenne, and capsicum are all from the same plant, like first, second and third degrees of intensity.