Recent Break In's

Just wondering if anyone has any info concerning break in’s on the west side of town? or has heard of anything?

I live on Graham & havent heard of any breakin’s on the westside as of late

oh ok, well if you could keep your ears open it would be appreciated a house on Beach Pl was broken into a couple days ago.

House on Omineca had shed broken into last week. Deep freeze emptied (crab, shrimp, moose, salmon, deer etc).  Used a brand new hunting back pack worth $200 to haul it away.  Tools and other stuff not touched.  Must have been hungry??

Police report filed but they can’t do much, said there had been other similar thefts in town.

My buddy’s house off Kootenay was broken into last week? Week before? during the night while he was at home…freaked him out pretty good that someone was ballsy enough to be in his house while he was sleeping.

yea, i heard about that and know who it is, what is going on in rupert that people have so much balls to break in, especially when someone is home?
I heard through rumors that the most recent ones could be related to the fire, but you know how the Prince Rumors go, not usually true but i sure hope they catch the people responsible soon.
Its not like they can pawn the things they stole with there being only one pawn shop in town ahaha

the pawn shop has had so much problems with the cops too,  that anything they buy,  the cops look at and they wont buy anything if they suspect its stolen, especially stuff like car stereos and anything thats easily stolen . So thats a definate turn off for some crooks to steal knowing that the pawn shop wont even buy it ha ha ha 

But there are many people out there who do not mind being the Fence with some of this shit and there are also people who get it out of town on regular bases.