Rebuilding Linux box

Here’s an interesting project, perhaps someone has an easier or alternate way of doing this:
PROBLEM: I bought this box called ‘the NetEqualizer’ a little over ayear ago. It’s a little device that you install right at your outgoing pipe that allows you to control traffic by IP on different ports, and specific ports for all IPs. I use it on our wireless network to (sorry kids) choke sharing ports so one goober who installs limewire to it’s defaults doesn’t hog the entire bandwidth that over 75 people share. The device bit the biscuit a couple weeks ago.
So I checked on RMAing the sucker and the supplier is balking, saying it’s the manufacturer problem. The manufacturer says it was sold to the reseller so it’s their problem, as they only warranty for 90 days. So I blew my top, as I don’t pay $2500 for something so poorly guaranteed, and the best the manuf. would do was offer to bypass the reseller and sell me a new one with extra warranty for $1100 US.
THE MACHINE: so I knew it’s a mini ITX with a Linux distro for the OS. I cracked the sucker and it’s a VIA C3-800 ITX board, one of those all-in-one boards I can pick up other places for about $120 CDN. But, the board’s been modified with a CompactFlash onboard, and the OS installed on a 256MB flashcard. (flash IDE system). The problem is definitely the board itself. It doesn’t post even with the CF removed, the RAM replaced, and a HD in the IDE slot.
MY SOLUTION IDEA: remove the CF card, make an ISO of it and build a new box. I could match the board with a new VIA board (minus flash), and it should just reinstall if booted off a regular HD, or I could build a whole new box and debug the bootup.

  1. being Linux fs, the Compact Flash shows up as ‘not formatted’ in my Windows 7in1 reader.
  2. So I booted a box with a 7in1 with Ubuntu, but the card didn’t even show up. None of the card reader USBs automounted.
  3. So I know I have to get a 7in1 to work under Linux, find out what program to use to make an iso and burn it to CD, and try from there.

In the meantime I am demanding that either the reseller or the manufacturer supply me with the bw manager software, as I paid for it and therefore have the rights to a copy. They’re ‘thinking’ about this. In the meantime I’ve used the AP software to limit everyone to 128K up and 384K down so there’s some minimal mangement on the systems…

EDIT: In the meantime, be warned. The NetEqualizer works really well and is the best product I have run into for the purpose. But now you know the warranty is shit, and the the hardware is way overpriced.

Perhaps a CF-IDE converter is what you need :wink: pm me for details, I have a few. Got them off ebay but they have to come from china so it takes a while. Basically the CF card shows up as a regular HDD. alternatively I have a little via machine with onboard CF see my gallery. I cant let it go for less than 600US though thats what I paid for it :wink:

anyways the CF-ide I can let go for $15 + shipping next day if ya need it.

You could setup some form of *BSD with Throttled. You should be able to achieve what you’re looking for with hfsc.

You could replaced the MB with something else from VIA. This particular MB has built in CF. It might not be the best choice, it’s just the first one I found from VIA that would most likely work and had a built on CF reader. … oardId=202

And last, you could find a motherboard that will use your 7in1 deal as a boot device or like what was recommended above. Although, if you can get the CF mounted in some form of Linux, you could probably just run the software right off the CF as an interm solution.

Out of curiosity, what’s the model of the board that’s worth $1100USD?

If CF card is the boot device in place of a hard drive the CF-IDE adaptors will be the perfect solution for you. Basically you’d be able to use any motherboard with an ide controller and youd have yourself a CF hard drive. Check ebay or I can send you one of mine if you need it immediatly (within 2 days) just paypal me 10-20 bucks for it and ill ship it off to ya.

pm how and i’ll paypal you $20 and the mailing adddress… I’ll get to play with it later.