Does anyone know of a site that rates Realtors for BC? Since houses are moving in Prince Rupert it seems courtesy is not necessary by some Realtors. I think for the money they are earning there should be some way to rate the experience for the buyers/sellers.


I would go with the above… he has built a career very quickly up there, and does a great job…well respected

I could tell you who NOT to pick but he mysteriously is no longer a realtor…??????

Who is that ?

As he is no longer in the business I won’t say. There’s no point. Did you have a bad experience too? You can PM me.

A lot of people here have a problem with realtors.
They’re butt squeaking, greedy bastards. The sellers that is. I can tell by the overpriced by $100K asking price on the blotchy home printed poster they stuck on the Overwaitea bulleting board, usually covering up some Community event notice.
Hoping to find a buyer dumb enough to think they’re saving dick shit from this (there’s no longer a politically correct term to describe) seller.

Sorry, just one of my pet peeves. Realtors are liable for all the due diligence and the buyer doesn’t pay. Sure as hell not gonna make a lowball offer to some tightwad who won’t even shell out for a sheet of photo grade paper, like I’ve done successfully many times with a realtor.

Well thanks everyone. I did not find a website except one with 2 PR Realtors with reviews. I guess in a town this size we don’t really count in the overall picture of the market even though I think we’re hot right now.
So, I guess word of mouth is what to go by and perhaps if I do buy one I will place an ad stating I am looking and see what private sellers have. I think I can probably figure out if the asking price is way outside the general parameters since that is how the realtors do it. They compare houses with similar attributes and since any offer would be subject to a housing inspection that should allow me some safety.
Considering that buying a house is probably the biggest investment most of us make we do a very cursory look at our potential investment. Easy to hide a multitude of sins under carpet and paint.
Carpe diem.

I think you need ask people you know and whose opinion you value for information about who they recommend as a realtor. Not all realtors are good, not all of them are bad. You have to remember that the job of the realtor is to bring two people together who both have unrealistic expections…

“A” - who think his/her house is worth more than the market will currently pay; and ,

“B” - who thinks that money they have to spend should buy a better house than what the market will sell.

As an aside, I always remember a conversation I had with a work colleague who was bragging about how quickly his Prince Rupert house sold. (About 10-12 days). I asked him how much money he thought he left on the table.

good luck

And also Caveat Emptor!