With all this rain, I have to wonder if anyone is brazen enough to venture out to chop down the full-meal-deal tree this year.

When I was little, we had real trees.  I really liked them too because it gave off a scent that really made it feel like Christmas even more.  Then, just after finishing elementary school, my mum acquired an alergy to the real trees and we’ve had artificial trees ever since.

Christmas the last few years has just meant I get a day off, open a present or two, and feel let down by the cool stuff other people get compared to me.  I guess I should chalk that up to the fact that I buy things when I want them… and don’t save them up for Christmas, but getting things from other people was always more fun. 

That and the fact I haven’t decorated a tree in hmmm 3 years kinda ruins it for me.  Bring on the 34 inch fibre optic already-decorated Avon tree!!

Now giving presents… well that’s a whole other story.  I wish I had more family when it comes to that.  Buying for only a couple just isn’t as fun.

cry me a fricken river, will ya, just be thankful, and if it’s that bad do something about it, stop complaining couse I don’t think to many people are going to feel sorry for ya, even if it’s the holidays.
You want to buy more gifts for people couse it makes you happy go for it there are a lot of needy children in Prince Rupert  there are drop off points all over Rupert, Im sure that will make you feel like a good person smartass.

Who’s cryin the freakin river?? There’s enough water outside already thanks.  :unamused:

We went and got our tree on Saturday. The weather was great, although a bit cool out. I’m glad my son was with me. I don’t think I will be able to do it again next year so we may have to settle for buying one or getting an artificial one. It’s been a family thing the last 20 years to go out and cut one down. I’m going to miss that. :frowning:

When I was a student at university, the biology department secretary had put up a sheet for the staff to sign in if they wanted to chip in for some Christmas stuff.  One of the thing was to get a tree.  One prof,  a forest and wildlife ecologist, said he would give money only if the tree was natural.  Another prof, a marine biologist, said he would only give if the tree was artificial.  I thought it put the real or fake debate on a whole new level:  Do you cut down a healthy tree with all the impact it may have or do you buy a plastic one with all the impact it may have?  I wonder if someone ever tried to compare the ecological aspects of doing one or the other. 

As Borat would say…

*** HIGH 5 ***Â :wink:

I very much enjoyed your post, Studly.  You certainly have a tradition which is shared by many, I’m sure.