Readying the troops in the grocery store negotiations

Printers are standing by for the order to churn out the on strike signs, as negotiations between the United Food and Commercial Workers and two of British Columbia’s largest grocery store chains seemingly go nowhere.

The existing contract between the two sides expired at the end of March with little progress said to have been made towards a deal. Among the talking points that haven’t been resolved between the two sides are wage increases and a single wage grid for all workers, bringing an end to the policy of the two tiered wage system…

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Don’t get me started. Those 2 tiered agreements were the shame of unionism.

LOL, well actually that’s the point of all my little posts here is to get people started, so vent man, vent!!! :smiley: :smiley:

Let’s just say my friend, the shop steward quit over it when it went in. The local Overpricey has only about 6 people left making a liveable wage and no one else even qualifies for medical. Not a penny saved from a consumer point of view either.
Back east they’ve been successful in overturning it (Sobeys?).

I could only shake my head when the UAW went for one. But then again “American” and “union” don’t fit together too well. “American” and “swallowed every load of shit the wealthy fed you cuz you tossed out Royalty 225 years ago and just had to have someone else feed you the same shit” go better.

I’ve never quite understood how a union would willingly create a sub culture of employees who had less than those that they were working with. Seems to me that goes counter to the ethos of solidarity and all that.

The whole thing sounded rather Orwellian of sorts, kind of like all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others…  and we all know how that ended in the barnyard…

(well providing everyone has read Animal Farm at least once) 

I’m trying to figure out how demeaning oneself by offering to work less than the next guy benefits anyone at all.
I used to pay my 14 yr old $25 a week to come to our shop one day a week after hours to wash, vacuum, sweep and dust. It was a ‘make work’ thing just to teach her the work and get money thing.
Then Dhillon Carpet Cleaning heard and came in and offered to do it twice a week for only $79. Told them to FOAD. They’d already driven out every other cleaning service in this town and 3 others. Then they sub-contracted to someone else, and I’d seen whole families cleaning places and earning like 50c an hour each.
I have an in-law who’s a true scab. But he at least pays his staff $9 an hour, and was getting approximately triple to do the same job in Abbotsford as DCC was doing here.