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I hope you’re not thinking of me when you write that.

If so, you’re wrong again.

Does the post with the most ad hominems win?

WhatToDoNow:  Can you tell us some more about your case?

From what I understand (from speaking with another person in a similar situation) is that the Canadian immigration people don’t really issue warrants for overstaying tourist visas.  They just assume you’ve left.  Is that accurate?  Like I said, I’ve heard this from one other person, so it may not be accurate at all.

Were you arrested or had some other cause to be identified as overstaying a visa?

Yes I tried several times to call the number for immigration services in Vancouver so I could renew my visitor visa, as in several times each day for a couple weeks.  Everytime I would call, I would be put on hold then it would just hang up on me.  Don’t believe me?  Try calling the number for yourself and see how fast you get through.

The scheduling problem with my plane ticket was that I was issued a 3 month visa and my ticket was for only one month and when I called to try and have it rescheduled, the place I got my ticket through wouldn’t let me.  So I didn’t have an extra $500 laying around to buy another one and decided to put what money I did have toward applying for permanent residency, only to find out at the hearing I had to attend, that I couldn’t even do that anyway because my gf couldn’t sponsor me anyway.

No, that isn’t accurate.  From what I was told before I was removed, one of the conditions of the visa was to let Canadian immigration know when I had left the country and when that didn’t happen, they issued an arrest warrant for me.

From what I’ve been looking at so far, there is some sort of appeal I can try for, Permission to Return.  Looks like I have to pay $400, send in some fingerprints, a statement, and a couple other things.  Hopefully this will play out well.

I guess things are different if you just drive across the border?  That’s how my American friend did it.  Then again, that was a few years ago.  He would drive to Canada, and just stay for 6 months, then drive back again, etc.

It’s too late for this advice, but anyway:  If you need to deal with non-responsive government offices, send them a registered letter saying something like “hey, I’m trying to get through to you and I can’t – please call me at this number…”  And send a copy to the local MP or MLA.  Keep the receipt for the registered letter.  Then you can say that you attempted to contact them in good faith.  I went through this with a provincial government body – I was facing a deadline too, and couldn’t get anyone on the phone, so I just sent them a letter.

Yea they don’t always have to let you stay for 6 months though.  I found out a lot of interesting things at my immigration hearing.  Another one of them being that the the norm for a visa is 6 months but for whatever reason, mine was only issued for 3 months.  When I was sitting in the holding room waiting for my hearing, there were a bunch of drug dealers in there with me, even admitting to it when I was sitting there and they’d go to their hearing and come back in and talk about how they were being released and crap.

Yea I wasn’t driving.  I flew up.  Travel is so much more expensive in Canada though.  Even to take the bus from say Prince Rupert down to Bellingham then back up again costs nearly $300, that’s a week and half in advance too.  Down in the US, you could go pretty much make a cross country round trip for only $100.

I never thought of the registered letter.  I guess it was just a lot of little things that snowballed into a big thing and now I’m paying the price for it.  Kind of a heavy price to pay though when all I did was want to be with my kids.  Now they’ll probably never let me back in, even on another visitor visa because of this.

If your read my earlier post , i stated that mostly everyone in Prince Rupert has a UHF/VHF scanner and listen to the police channel , myself included owning a UHF/VHF scanner the police were called to the residence in question , because a woman there advised that her common-law boyfriend had asaulted her and she needed the police there to remove him , so i was right that you were arrested for domestic battery because on the night in question i was listening to the scanner and heard them  doing a back ground check on you through N.C.I.C. you name came back 10-10 which is negative for warrants in police jargon but your were in fact arrested for the domestic battery … police officer i am clear from this residence and RTO with SOC male which was one of the reasons you were detained and later deported .

Again, I think you have me confused with someone else.  I wasn’t arrested at night, I was arrested in the morning.

It’s really nice to see my life being broadcasted all over on this site.  And he sits there saying that he didn’t hit anyone.  I’m guessing that “no one” is ME.  But yeah its nice to see my life before my eyes on this site.  Hope he feels a little better for what he did.

All right I’m back in the saddle again…for how long who knows!!!
Basically an exclusion order wont be issued for an overstay.
If you were convicted of an indicatble offence like assualt, domestic violence battery …whatever you wanna call it…can result in a deportation.
With a deprtation…you can NEVER come back with out approal from the minister of immgration.
Dude I dont think your telling the straight goods.
See if your wife/gf is on the social system…then probbaly means you would be there also.  We have to do that for Canadians and refugees but not for visiting us citizens.
I think your pooched…you need to get your self alot of cash IE  enought to support yourself for the entire visit to canada upon your return or you will be denied or the length of time you are permitted to stay will be reduced.
Immigration officials dont just punt people out of the country for bullshit reasons.
I mean if you cant even afford to “flag pole” the border to alaska…then its not looking very good.

Nope they considered it an overstay and issued the 1 year exclusion order against me and said if I got caught in Canada while I was under the exclusion order, they would issue a deportation order and I wouldn’t ever be able to return.

Conflicting stories.  Were you arrested for beating up your girlfriend? 

What does that mean? 

Judging by the fact he’s completely ignored, and danced around the question I’m inclined to say yes.  Of course if he lets that slip there goes the pity trip he was hoping for.

I didn’t dance around anything.  Go back and read my earlier posts when someone else tried to accuse me of this.  Also, I’m not looking for pity.  While it does very much hurt that I’m separated from my children, I was explaining my situation to see if anyone could offer help or any idea of what I could do next.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Yet again no direct yes I was arrested for abusing my girlfriend or no I wasnt. Your behavior is suspect thats all I’m saying.  I mean if you did beat her she probably had it comin… right?

No woman ever deserves to be hit.

I disagree but nice way to dodge the question again. 

Let me clarify that before I’m flamed. Theres some real fucking cunts out there that will hit you come at you with various blunt objects and expect you not to retaliate because they’re a woman.

The way I see it no PERSON deserves to be hit unless they are threatening to physically harm you in which case they deserve it very much. Granted a woman deserves less force than a 300pound man but I digress.

So what was your reason? Chicken  AGAIN? 

Can somebody please move all of the posts starting from H.R. PUFFINSTUFF’s last post.

This discussion deviates way too far from the main topic.

I disagree this is very relevant to the topic at hand. Why the hell would we want to assist an abusive person with getting back  into our country and being a further risk to the poor girl.

Im not saying I know he did but the constant refusal to answer the question pretty much means yes he did. 

Well how did you he genuinely beat a woman? I don’t believe any of you people, even from H.R. PUFFINSTUFF and that deported guy.

If somebody find us a source off the internet (eg. RCMP reports) or “CrazyMike” that he indeed committed a crime hear, then maybe we can make a better judgment on WhatToDoNow.

Right now I felt this part of the discussion should be split from the original because I think it’s irrelevant to the topic. The latter discussion is about accusing WhatToDoNow of assaulting a female based on the baseless claim by H.R. PUFFINSTUFF.

Please keep in mind that it doesn’t mean I believe WhatToDoNow is an innocent man 100%.