Re: You are a moron

[you] is a moron.

Why thank you. Used to much more colorful words. :smiley:

i would like to know why i am a moron

With a name like [you], there’s no way [you] isn’t a huge moron.

I mean, come on!  [you]?  What were you thinking?  How original is that?

was tired when i did it not sure how to change it now

there all fixed are you happy now?

You know who is a bigger moron than you? 


That idiot is annoying.

wtf? you’re cool bud

Meh, I know I have opinions that lots of people here disagree with. I’m glad that Sockpuppet took such a long time thinking about what I said and formed this intelligent rebuttal.

so how do the two of you arguing amongst yourselves involve me?

oh yeah it doesn’t, it must have been an error on Mr.TubeSock there

there isn’t a modify button so I’ll have to add another reply, I don’t know if you made a mistake in calling me an idiot. as I don’t know you and truthfully I don’t wanna know you, so keep my name out your mouth and I’ll keep it the same. kthx

I don’t know why you other guys are getting involved.  I just wanted to express a simple opinion.  [you] is a moron.  The rest of you can just ignore this thread.

You see, I know [you] personally.  [you] has no idea who I am, but we see each other practically every day.

[you], you are a moron alright!

No, I don’t see you every day. I’m pretty sure I’m not acquainted with such douches

hahahaha go cut yourself in the bathroom hahahaha

i do not know anybody who would call me a moron that i would see daily  :unamused:

w/e bro if you got an opinion of me tell it to my face, if you truly know me “personally” then I’m pretty sure I’d take it as a joke, but on an internet forum? you’re just making yourself look ridiculous homie

i hope your not talking to me i am trying to figure out who is the sock puppet

I’m not talking to SockPuppet H8r, I’m talking to SockPuppet

oh yeah I forgot you can change your Name in your account information, what a coincidence you have the same amount of Posts too.


Lol I don’t know how Sockpuppet has done it, but the name in his posts show up as your name if you look at it…if that makes sense?

lol sweet