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Hello, Just to let you know that my cousin and her friend were riding their bikes around the entrance of Hays Valle Trailer Court and the two 12 year old’s were confronted by a Wolfe. Nothing against the Wolfe, but it chased the girl on the bike around and almost got her pant leg. The Wolfe then turned and looked at my cousin and growled at her and followed the two girls home til they ran inside. The Wolfe was not afraid of a vehicle that drove past nor a dog at the corner of the street barking at it.

Musta been a Wear Wolfe

There Wolfe!  :smiley:

christ I wish someone would do something about the rottie that chases me on my bike every morning, when I’m on my to work.

Take your camera, take a video of it, post it on here and embarrass the owner.


MiG was replying to Astro’s post.

shoot them all

if we shot all the rotties, people would just go out and buy new ones.  :stuck_out_tongue:

oh  hahaha, sorry, completely missed that post. I wouldn’t want to shoot the wolfes by all means, they are a beautiful animal. it is just scary how close they can be…if it’s not one thing it’s another :frowning:  as for the rotties i dunno what to say, cause I have one and am dog sitting another, and they are wonderful, on leash and tied up. I know that i have been chased by one a couple times.

They are beautiful dogs, rotties, and it is a shame that the animal is blamed when again, it is the case of an irresponsible owner not caring for his own pet. Call City Hall, see what they can do for ya…Sarcasm intended…

How bout a “Wall of Shame” forum on here. Could also work for the owners that refuse to pick up their dog’s poop. Might work for a few months anyways…until the lawyers start the threats. 

Sounds like a good idea.

where is jason the  baker boy gone to?

If it was Blue Jays’ relief pitcher Brain Wolfe, don’t worry. He’s always off target.

Sounds like me on a Friday night at Johnny B’s (girls, of course, are much MUCh older)

Confusing Wolfes (huh?) with Cougars.


The wolf situation is getting completly out of control, but what do you do when people are to blame for that.
I mean I was driving back into town from Port Edward when I saw people pulled over at the side of the road throwing raw steaks on the grassy area in front of the Prince Rupert sign feeding the wolves! And ppl wonder why Butze Rapids is so over populated with wolves. It is crazy, that is a wild animal!! Then when the wolves head into town looking for more food and end up attacking our pets or in this situation going after children then the wolves are to blame!  NO, blame the ppl feeding them thinking they are doing no harm and attracting them into town and making them more domesticated.
The Eagle situation is not any better though.  I had a neighbour who would throw fish on his roof to feed the Eagles.  Eventually when he had stopped the Eagles started turning on my small dogs, literally swooping down and almost getting them.  I have called the Police and the wildlife conversation.  I was told that Eagles are protected under a different law then other wildlife but it is illegal to feed them within city limits.  The neighbour has since stopped but not in time for the Eagles to nest in the area.
It is crazy…these are wild animals ppl, use your brains!!

You are so right about people being the ones that are habituating the wolves to humans.  There is not 100’s of wolves, there is less then 10 on the island.

They can be all hunted and killed but within a few months there would be a new pack, that are not habituated to humans.

Get rid of the meal source and the wolves will move on. but the reality of our situation is that the wolves and lets not forget the black bears have a smorgasbord of food for them. deer, cats, dogs, and their food that is left out side. all the garbage and all the fish and crab that are dumped out behind the golf course.

I by no means have a solution but bitching about the obvious is not going to change anything.

when you see people feeding the wolves or other wild life and not say anything to them or phone the RCMP then really you cant point fingers. Now lostie18 I see that you just did that and that’s great,

the Eagle feeding is a bit different as there is NO LAW about feeding bird foul, if there was we would have to get rid of all those bird feeders, there is however laws that are in place that say its illegal to bait Eagles and other birds with Fish, or salmon.

As for not feeding them in town limits I have no Idea I now a few individuals who feed the Eagles down at the water front and never  have been asked to stop feeding them. And I know a lot of Photographers who have taken some amazing shots of the Eagles. Seen police, fish and wild life just drive by or take photos of the Eagles.

I seen a amazing photo of a wild cat go after a Eagle then change his mind as it was more then one Eagle at the end of the dock, he turned around and walked past one eagle

Here is the picture, from Chad Graham can be found on his flickr site. … 492672212/

we are blessed with the wildlife, we just have to be aware that we do live in the middle of a rain forest and there is going to be wild life.

So enjoy it before its all gone.  :astonished: