Re: which furniture store has the best service in rupert

well in my experience it is hands down got to be kondolas got all my stuff there service was the greatest i’ve had in awhile been to citifurn was not happy with the service

i here ya there, kondolas alwayys seems to have friendly service.

Surprising enough I haven’t had any bad service at the local furniture shops. Countrywide, City furniture, Kondolas, Sears. They’re all have great service.

City Furniture is good bought something there last month and he discounted past Kondola’s price after looking up their prices on the web

(he discounted past Kondola’s price after looking up their prices on the web)  :confused:

kondolas doe’s not have a website with prices on it are you sure you got the best price? i was talking to the manager there and asked if they had a web site for more items to see and he said they don’t have one. i was trying to buy the best price dishwasher but they did not have any at the time.

well it might not have been on the web but he did look it up on his computer which probably means he has a list of their prices for the same item stored on their computer and second he discounted the item’s price from the price in the store without being asked.  I just told him I wanted to buy that item wasn’t even going to go check Kondola’s

ha ha ha you sound like you work there jabber63 thats funny that you protect him like this it is funny lol and how would he get their price list you are so nuts its funny