Re: Where is this? #6

I found this photo on Flickr (while looking for #5), so I figured I would use this place as #6.

I’m looking for the name of the city / region.  If you find the location of the city, it will be obvious.  It has historical and cultural significance.

The photo was taken where the arrow is pointing on the satellite photo.  But you don’t need the name of the building or road, just the name of the city / region.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Is the first picture related to a song?

FutureGirl!  With all due respect to you, I’m at a lost to see the cultural significance of a street corner.

Is it summer there right now?

Yes, there are probably a few songs that are related to the place but that is not the only cultural significance to this place.

no, 18 questions left.

Does it usually snow there?

When it is 3:00 pm in Prince Rupert, is it 9:00 pm in that location?

That’s a good one  :smiley:

Yes, it does snow in this country, and it sometimes snows in this city. 

No.  This is the kind of question we’re supposed to avoid, though.  The other kind of question is “does this country’s name begin with…” etc.  Basically you want questions that require thinking.

I have no idea. Where would I find this out? I couldn’t find it on wikipedia.

This is the kind of question that is perfect for this game.  The answer is no, though.

14 questions left.

A search on Hair Salon Services…maybe :smiley:

Above the arcade entrance there is a sign written in English “WELCOME”,
therefore is that country’s national language English–and if not–what is the sign doing there.

no, the national language is not English. Please ask yes/no questions only. 13 questions left.

Are they of the Slavic language family groups

Is this country part of the European Union?

Is there alot of pasta eaten there




In fact, I don’t think the European Economic Community exists anymore, since the early 90s. 

So you’d get a “no” to any country if you asked this question.  It’s probably one of those geography questions you should ask in a roundabout way.  I would ask “Does this country share a common currency with 15 countries?”

10 questions left.

Is this country part of the European Union?


9 left.

Is Greek their national language  :smiley: