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Seeing how I won #1 and #2, I should have posted one of these by now.

BigThumb, you got #3, so I’m bumping you.  Sorry.

Culturally important site.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Is this place related to death?  Meaning, a sacrificial place or something similar?

I don’t think it is, no.  Not a place that was used to sacrifice virgins or anything like that…  19 left.

My life is now one big Backyardigans episode.

Is this place in north america

You’re not supposed to ask direct geography questions.  I’m sure you can ask that in a more clever way.

Ok would the national drink be tequila

No.  18

Does it snow there in general

Is it winter there now?

Yes, there is often snow here.


Is there a war going on in this country


is it the famous cave that people bass jump in

hope not because thats Sotano de las Golondrinas and we have figured that its not in Mexico

I don’t think this place is a famous cave that people BASE jump in.    I think that it would be possible to do a BASE jump, here, though. 

Is the cultural significance a movie?

Is the cultural significance a movie?[/quote]

Yes.  If you know me, you know pretty much all my locations have been related to movies or TV.

This site was ‘featured’ in a movie.

13 left, I think.

Area 51

No. 12.

could this be a mine