Re: Where Is This #19

I hope this is challenging enough for everyone.  I’m looking for the name of the mountain and where it is.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Haven’t had much time to look into this one, but it needs to be bumped back up to the front page.

Illywhacker, I think it’s time for some hints here. I have no clue were to start with this one.  The picture is deceiving, not sure what the actual colour of the rock is, sunset or - rise.

Darn, I should have taken a geology class.

Okay, the picture is taken at sunset.  The shadow on the rock face is an important part of a local (for that area) myth.

Did this photo come from the land down under?

(Where women glow, and men plunder)

Are there any bears roaming around at the foot of the mountain?

Bears with picnic baskets and a dislike for park rangers?

Sorry for the slow delays, I’m in Vancouver for the weekend and don’t have easy internet access.

No to the land down under.  19 left

Ayers Rock?  Are you serious?  No, 18 left.

Bears.  Absolutely.  This is a land of many species of bear.  17 left.

Ranger Rick.  No, rangers at this site.

Hint #2.  You can find a lizard nearby, but no lizards could survive here.

If I were to visit this country, could I swim in ocean water?

There are areas where you swim in the ocean, but, for the most part, it would be inadvisable.
As an added bonus, this place is at least 750 km from the fens and ferns of the nearest ocean.

Here is a second picture of the town and area.  The mountain is in the distance.  You can’t see the lizards, they are in the other direction.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]


Mount Hosmer (“Ghostrider”), southeastern BC.

The hint about the “fens and ferns” refers to Fernie.
The hint about the lizard refers to Lizard Creek (Lodge?).

Absolutely correct, although the lizard hint was about the lizard range where Fernie Snow Valley is located.

Your turn now Mikeh.