Re: What to do?

Good Morning
A situation has come up in my family and I am hoping to get some input/opionions on the subject.
15 yr old neice , staight A student, has a good summer job , active in sports/school/cadets.Has never been in trouble, just an all around good kid.
Well , mom discovers a bag of roaches in her purse and has no idea how to handle the situation.Of course first reaction is to freak on her, but thats not going to work , so any words of advice would be appreciated.

take the blame for your roaches and tell her to hassel you when you arent a straight a student anymore.

Mom should calmly talk to the 15 year old about it.  Pretending the roaches didn’t exist is a bad move in my opinion.

I totally read that wrong, anyway point still stands as long as they arent doing shitty in school talk to them about it tell tehm the reasons its bad and leave them be. Not like anything you say will change their behavior anyway. 

Yes.  Agreed.  A calm discussion of the consequemces of using would be the best course of action.  Hopefully the 15 year old will consider the advice given.  But, the 15 year old will choose which way to go.

I’d suggest you talk to someone you trust about this. Seeking the opinion of anonymous people on the internet for things like this is generally not a good idea.


Yeah, don’t take his advice!

Agreed, but, he did ask us:-) 
Yes, go get some advice from a trusted family member or friend.
Good luck with this one. :smiley:

Part of growing up.  Most of us have dabbled there, I’m sure. 

Give truthful facts in a straightforward way about drug use and gateway drugs and all that and hope she makes the best choice.  Trying to bull her into choosing your decision will probably lead to her hiding her choices better.

But lets not overcomplicate things.  I suggest you buy an ounce and make her smoke the whole thing in one sitting.