a) XP64 has been out a year, why doesn’t it support it?
b) if I already had Vista why would I run the program?

No way of discovering if my X2 will have problems. Judging by the endless problems we had installing Vista 64 bit versions (no drivers for anything, Vista couldn’t find the drivers on the motherboard CDs for ‘vista’ branded boards…) I will not be upgrading this machine in the near future!

Jesus, herbie!  If a professional like you has difficulties setting up and configuring a Vista 64 install what hope does a hobbyist have?
This could very well turn out to be a very good year for OS X, Linux, and Unix:-)

Try the 32 bit version it runs way better :smile: mines running pretty good.


I’m quite sure herbie knows how to install the 32 bit version, Jason.  He wants to run the 64 bit version to take advantage of his processor.  Vista is turning out to be a real lemon when advanced users like herbie and Eso are turning away from it.

Well i run the 64 bit version and it works just fine too. So it has to do with mother board support, or something.


Good to hear your experience with the 64 bit version is better, Jason.
I find it very strange that M$ has spent years developing their flagship software only to have it unsupported on industry standard hardware. :confused:
I agree, herbie!  Useless, indeed! :imp:

It has to do with driver support and the annoying things that seven generations later Windows hasn’t addressed yet.
That new Mac commercial has it nailed. You’re announcing Windows flaws? Do you wish to continue? Agree or Disagree…

I just decided to run the Upgrade advisor to see if Vista Ultimate 64 would be as big a bitch as XP64 was to install and that’s what I got…

yeah i agree. im not going to pay for vista… Id pay for win2k tho. maybe xp… vista is not faster its slower… they should make a os like MAC you have a g4 500mhz its not donkey slow with the newest os its decent to use… more ram and your good to go, with vista you basically need a new machine or major upgrades… Mac is going in the right direction…

Yes.  Agreed.  The new macbooks and towers look sweet indeed.  I doubt if I’ll ever buy another Windows box.  OS X has it all.  Unix, with an easy to use interface:-)

Thanks for the clarification, herbie:-)  I find it staggering that the premiere software company in the World has not dealt with these basic issues.  Interesting thread, man! :smiley:

I never thought I’d hear myself saying this in a million years, but I am seriously toying with the idea of switching sides and joining the Mac user league.  Especially since the Intel-based machines can run Windoze as well as Linux, and can seemingly do so hassle-free.

The best thing about mac’s goal is to let old users upgrade there os to the best features but not force them to have to purchase a new machine to do so.

A g4 1gig box will run 10.5 just fine add ram and its perfect.

The newer machines with the Tntel chip’s are just fast, mac has good goal. Thus why they are succeeding. The new mac pros that are coming out with 8 core’s well that just speaks for it self thats retarded power.

Not like Microsoft, there os is a hogg and requires lots and lots of ram/power.