Re: Virus

Is it possible to get a virus on a Itouch or Iphone, and if you do what can you do???

Theoretically I suppose there could be a virus, but, as the iphone uses OS X, a Unix-like operating system, it is immune to all windows .exe viruses.  You are quite safe.


No problem, you’re welcome. :smile:

If you stare at this long enough, you’ll get a virus.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

lol mig, if you look at that picture from corner to corner,

like go from top-left corner to top-right corner, then to bottom-right corner then finally to bottom-left corner.

it spins :smiley: or something…lol

A lady who scored a $75 Ubuntu system brought it back, her kids couldn’t do a fucking thing with the useless piece of shit, put Windows on it.
She handed me a Windows98 Upgrade disk… there were 30 or 40 Junkware .exe files downloaded on the desktop already.
I gave her her Windows ME hack FREE. She’ll be back Monday with 72 viruses…

Can I have it instead?  I’m adaptable :stuck_out_tongue: 

She’s a useless piece of shit. Should tell her to take it back and get her money back then LMAO