Re: Van Island Snow

WOAH! 8" of snow so far WOOT!!!  Some are hating it. Some hate it… Is there snow in rupert today ?

Nope it is bare and dry right now at -7.  We had a very light sprinkle of snow two days ago.

Yeah, 5 or 6 inches in Nanaimo. Cold as hell outside now, she’s gonna be messy tomorrow. Took us 3.5 hours to get from Vic to Nanimo yesterday–everyone was driving so goddamn slow on the Malahat. Amazing how nervous 1 inch (at the time) of snow will make some drivers.

Tell me about it, the snow here wasnt even sticking and people were driving like 10k/hr

Yet they’ll still do 130 km/h when there’s an inch of rain on the road.  I had to go pick up some people from Duncan when I was living down there and I felt my car hydroplaning a lot on the way back.  That was the night I went over to Morden and knocked on your door drunk.