Re: Throwing my hat in

I was thinking of running for City Councilor…I was wondering what is the criteria HTMF readers are looking for in a Councilor?    :smiley:

Back off poker man I had my name in first…

What are your credentials?  And what makes you different from those already in?

Looking for grants for fixing infrastructure, and try to attract business to our city, we got a nice container port, lets use it to our advantage.

Food for thought…

Remember - the people we elect will be around until October 2011. They will have to make a lot of tough choices and have a LOT of hard work ahead of them.

I suggest electing a council of people who have proven themselves movers and shakers - not just talkers!

I am saying happy anniversary to a thread I started Oct 11, 2007…

I submit that Prince Rupert needs to broaden the scope of perspectives on City Council in this year’s civic elections.

I propose a dialogue about what type of City Council Rupertites think would serve our community best.

Think about things like:

What type of decisions/actions do you want to see coming out of City Hall?

What are the characteristics of a Council that would make those decisions?

Where do you want to see Prince Rupert by 2011?

In the last election, there were…what?..17 people running for 6 council seats. With some thought ahead of time, perhaps we can avoid another cluster-f@$k and actually bring some real change to council…if change is what it needs…

I like the way you think

Someone who’s willing to transform Prince Rupert into Vegas North or Macau West, not just a stupid Chances gaming centre.

Spoken like a true politician!!   :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

People who throw their hat in the ring, either need lots of knowledge and experience about Prince Rupert, or lots of knowledge and experience with municipal government/politics from elsewhere.  The major problem with the system as I see it is if more than one current councillor/mayor enters the race for mayor, only one will be elected and the other is lost to us as a councillor for the next three year. 

So this year, if Herb - and say Kathy, Tony and Nelson run, only one can win and the others are gone.  Also, with more than 2 running we get people elected as mayor with less than 50% of the electorate supporting them.

Years ago when elections were held each year, you only lots those people for a year.  Sure wish the City Council operated like the School Board, where all members are elected and then those elected select the Chair. 

That makes a lot of sense, actually.

In some jurisdictions, everyone runs for councillor, and the one who receives the most votes is appointed mayor.  And the rest of council is made up of all the runners-up.

Hey MiG can you tell us where that happens so we can find the necessary bylaws needed?

I’m not sure how it works in BC (ie: municipal elections are provincial jurisdiction stuff, right?).  Is it possible to have these kinds of elections without a change to provincial laws?

I just know from experience that some cities in eastern Canada run their elections this way.  Others have particular wards that are represented, with a number of “at-large” councillors, and the mayor is the “at-large” councillor with the most votes.