Re: the Prince Rupert Daily News is closing Sept.3

The Prince Rupert Daily News is closing Sept.3

I just don’t understand how a company can buy a buisness of any kind, and then shut it down. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

I can’t believe it. They’ve been in this town for 100 Years. I imagine they will roll their advertising base into the Northern View. Who sold the Daily News anyway?

Screw the Black Press! When they start charging money for the Northern View they won’t get a damn red cent from me. Ever.

Internet Advertising in Rupert is getting more lucrative all the time.

Glacier media owned the Daily news last week, until they sold it.  :unamused:
Don’t even get me started, I’m in shock right now.

So - Does anyone want to hire a sales guy? I have 16 years in advertising and sales. I’ll be looking for new work.

Make that two sales guys, AND, they both work well together. Right Photoguy?

Maybe with some price adjustments and an internet guy you can shift the advertising medium to internet so that people can jump ship fully from the Black Press.

Surprising enough we do work well together. I wouldn’t have thought that when I started but its been a good ride the last year.

Well if you really want to know the story talk to Rick O’Connor in the Black Press Aquisitions Department in Surrey? (604)575-5801

I just asked the Victoria office if there is a planned press release on the matter and they directed attention to Mr. O’Connor. Interesting.

I doubt they’ll be charging for the NV as they don’t charge for their other papers. I’m in Vernon and they don’t charge there.

When the city’s 100 year old newspaper cant make a buck and closes its doors its time to read the message, its written on the f***ing wall for all to see. Or you can ride a dying horse till its last breath, you know like the captain going down with the ship… it sounds romantic but in reality he should save his own ass and swim to shore once the ship is past the point of saving and most of them do. There are a handfull of captains that stay aboard amd try to save the ship as it sinks, they have their life’s earnings invested in it so they go down with it blind to how real the danger is, right to their last breath they think they have a chance to save it even though everyone else has long since bailed out. I grew up in Rupert i hate to see this happening but its becoming kinda obvious what the future holds, even the provincial gov. pulled the plug in 2000 which pretty much sealed the fate of Rupert its surprising its taken this long for it to fall apart. Go see what Gold River looks like these days if you want to see what the future holds for Rupert

Look I get you left town you lost your job … so did I but was lucky enough to find almost a full time job.  Is it any wonder that the news is closing?  I like the staff they are great, but when the ad set up etc went up North to Fort St John ( I think)  the writing was on the wall.  Meaning that it would only be a matter of time before they closed.

You’ve never heard of buying out the competition?

Bummer!  :astonished:
I wish you the best of luck in finding another job, photoguy!

Of course I have. There’s also a fully working press at the daily, which is something the view never had. It just doesn’t make sense, logically, in my head. Why wouldn’t they use the facilities and make the paper they currently have more viable, all of their more local papers could be printed locally. Now they’re shipped to who knows where, to be printed, and then shipped back here for circulation. You’d figure that would be more costly than keeping the daily open, and printing everything there. Wouldn’t it?

Lots of people affected - not just the office workers and printshop workers.  There is pocket change made and spent by kids/teens throughout town.  I’m sure someplace like Good Times Games will be affected by that.  There are the adults that have multiple routes to supplement their Income Assistance.  I know everyone says that they have been around 100 years but media has changed so much in the past decade that I’m not surprised to see they are closing.  The circulation numbers are probably pretty low except for the free days.  HST probably increased the price too.  It’s a shame because I always enjoyed my papers despite the various complaints I have about the Daily News. 

The Cariboo Observer in Quesnel is owned by Black Press.  It charges about a dollar per issue and comes out twice a week - Wednesday/Sunday.  All the news is local although they sometimes have freelance editorials from their wire service.

Hopefully something similar can happen here and some of the Daily News employees can find work with a larger Northern View.

I would imagine that the current labour contract between Glacier and it’s employees is one of the key reasons that Black Press made its decision, to my understanding Nor View is not unionized and that is probably a factor in their decision to close the Daily.  Between declining ad rates and a negotiiated agreement from a different company, they probably figure that this is the quickest route to their goal of a profitable paper.

Suspect as stated earlier before the Northern View will end up with  twice a week editions, if they take on any new staff from the old paper it will be under new terms of employment, salary etc

Ok fellow rupertites…
The writing has been on the wall for some time…BUT this is the nail in the coffin…
How many businesses have been around for 100 years?..NONE…

Would the last guy to gal to leave town please turn the lights out?

We will soon be like Stewart…dead and dieing…

Move on Brothers and Sisters…Charlie Hays dream has faltered and sunk just like the Titanic…

A 100 year old newspaper closing down is a sad thing. To me though it’s less a sign of a town that’s dieing and more a sign of a business that failed to stay relevant in changing times.