Re: The missing traffic light at McBride Street

Been well over 7 weeks now if not more , luckily there habe been no accidents there yet ,but a few close calls , I thought that light was supposed to be reinstalled on the 15 of December or so .All though the four way stop seems to work okay , the fact that it’s still not replaced is a joke in principle , I guess this is how much the gov really cares about public health and safety , almost think we are living in the boonies or something .

The real issue is the corner where Green Apple once stood. Pretty sure they’re planning a permanent fix, and possibly traffic upgrades, before parts of the intersection collapse at some point.

Quite honestly, I find the traffic flows a bit better with the 4-way stop.

I have had no issues with the 4 way stop.

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Agreed. Traffic flows very well. People are giving the right of way.

Actually I don’t mind it either but they’re will always be a possibility of an accident with or without the lights I guess , but I think it’s safe to say that the section where Green Apple used to be does hand issues .

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Maybe the light was leaning, just like the floor in the Green Apple used to.

Almost 3 months later …still no traffic light :joy::joy::joy::joy:

apparently the land by the old Green Apple area is too unstable for the post for the light on that area so they will probably fix it up when they pave 3rd ave

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