Re: The Mayor calls for calm

The mayor must have been watching the panic of the morning, by one o’clock he had issued a statement telling folks to come to their senses…

From the city website:

June 6, 2007
Prince Rupert Mayor Herb Pond released the following statement at 1:00 pm today:

“There is no need for panic in Prince Rupert. We are not cut off from the outside world. We have excellent air and marine transportation networks that are moving people and supplies. Our emergency and protective services are all fully functional.

Grocery stores are taking steps to restock. Fuel stations are also implementing alternate supply strategies.

It is important to realize that any current shortages are the direct result of hording, not supply problems.

Prince Rupert is famous for sharing. We’ve survived far worse incidents by looking after each other. Let me encourage those people who may have overstocked in a moment of panic, to check that their neighbours are OK. We really do have more than enough to go around.

In the meantime, we are keeping a watchful eye on our upriver neighbours who are facing much more serious challenges, and often with far fewer options available. They have our prayers and support.â€

this mornings rampage of gas guzzling folk was insane. Line ups everywhere and people were actually getting into arguements… so silly
people really need to just RELAX

I still don’t get the point of gassing up, it’s not like you can use the gas to drive anywhere, other than around town. 

Now on the other hand, I need some gas for my lawnmower :wink:

Well clearly they need to gas up so they can drive around town and watch everybody else gas up their cars.

As for the lawn mower, well, for a price I’m more than willing to let you come over and siphon out of my gas tank, but understand I’m nothing but a war profiteer when it comes to these things :smiley:

I think Mayor Quimby… I mean Pond, was trying to diffuse an issue that already discharged.  It was funny to watch people rushing to gas up.  Our Gas is still 12 cents more expensive than anywhere else in Northern BC.  “I am sorry we are all out of $1.13/liter gas but we have plenty of $125.9 / liter gas left.”

whats funny is that food and produce will be filled in all grocery stores tomorrow, all those people who bought jugs and jugs of milk will waist it…

Yeah, critical supplies are coming in by ferry.  We’ll be okay.  I heard on the radio at 4:30 today that the highway will be closed for 4-6 days.

i’ve never seen such a bunch of retards in my life as I did at safeway last night watching people get 8 fucken jugs of milk.  one lady wouldn’t even hand one over to another lady who coulnd’t get any.  seriously…this town does not know how to handle things.  i tried to get diesel in my work truck today (because it was actually out) and it took an hour…a fucken hour cause everybody in town was there.  wow. 

I was in Extra Foods today and the produce and dairy sections were picked clean, seriously, not one carton of milk left. People have come unglued…one lady was stocking up on toilet paper!! Like Lunner, I went for gas because I was almost empty, and actually ended up getting premium for the price of regular because it was all the Chevron had left!

People can be so Selffish. :imp:
There was a fight in Overwaitea, Over Milk.
Inconsiderate pricks.

Wow.  People fighting over milk.  Unbelievable.  What a bunch of idiots. :confused:

Welcome to HTMF, Steel Head!! :smiley:

It’s been a long bad fall, winter, spring with the power outages, multiple road closures due to mud and snow slides.  I understand why everyone is jumpy and I feel it myself, I drive the highways  to kitimat and back often and refused to head back out of town after monday morning seeing the water at road level.

Well regardless of how jumpy we all may be, what happened today is something that should shame most of the towns residents that got carried away by the moment. There was no need for the widespread panic that seemed to roll through town this morning, I mean good God it takes a barge less than a week to get up the coast with all sorts of goodies and such, you may pay a bit extra as pointed out elsewhere but will you save any by hoarding eight jugs of milk?? too strange…

While we’re being a tad inconvenienced here, the folks in Terrace are having a real tough time of it, so perhaps we should view our troubles with a bit more rational thought.

As for the highway, I agree with you, I travelled the road late Monday and it was about the scariest I have ever seen on the run, the train bridges just about covered in water, the rushing torrents of water from the mountains, pretty awesome  but sobering sight. Thankfully nobody was trapped along the way and nothing worse happened like we saw east of Terrace a few weeks back.

On the positive side, I have a very good excuse to not make that obligatory trip to Terrace to visit sick babies, whiney daughters-in-sorta-law and endless requests to repair computers from ‘friends’ too cheap to pay someone…

Pretty insane stuff. I chuckled to myself though tonight. After I got out of the movie I pulled into Chevron and topped off my Jeep with no wait whatsoever. Hell… they were even selling the Supreme gas as regular price as that’s all they had left. So not only didn’t I wait, but I got better gas than I usually would.  :smiley:

Strange mentality in this town…Heard rumors (No, couldn’t be in this town!!) that Baker Boy had already increased the price of a loaf of bread and as far as people stocking up, well, what about those that are calling the food bank to be sure they can make it in next week for that all important can of beans :angry: Makes me sick and we , sorry, they think they have problems not having something to wipe their sorry asses with…Isn’t that what Sears catalogues are for?  Oh Shit, speaking of them, now I won’t receive my order, NOW I’m pissed :unamused:  Seriously, was just watching the news and want to wish everyone in the area and beyond a safe few days and our hopes and prayers that the water subsides soon. The cleanup will be massive…Maybe we should send some folks that are on the system and looking for work?? up there to volunteer to help, just a thought…

I think I saw you behind me.  I was the asshole infront of you taking my sweet time in an attempt to make the gas last longer.  lol  :stuck_out_tongue:

Shit, you mean that I (Mmph) didn’t have to (chomp, chomp) eat my (gulp) best friend??

[quote=“hankaspanka”]the cashier asked the budger, “…and which 9 items will you be purchasing today?”  I hope her milk soured by the time she got all her shit together and found a cashier that wasn’t also known as an express line cashier.

That’s awesome! Haha, thumbs up to her.

ah… this is pathetic and ridiculous. Now I’m too scared to go shopping. O__o