Re: The Decline of the Crocs fad

For those that are tired of the multi coloured plastic footwear there is some good news, it seems that the fad has peaked…

Crocs is shutting down it’s Quebec manufacturing plant because of the high Canadian dollar and a decline in sales… … y/Business

Just in time for garage sale season ya’ll can unload your non trendy shoes… :smiley:

Lol, I didn’t buy mine because they were cool, I bought mine because they’re easy to slip on to put the dog outside. :stuck_out_tongue:

oh man, those shoes are ugly!!!  I’m so glad they’re going the way of the dodo!

They should have made them in China.

But they are so comfortable!!

It’s like foot pillows!

Thank fricken GOD!  I hate Crocs with a passion. 

I don’t care how comfy they are… you look like a dumbass wearing them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Almost as dumb as socks and sandals.

I happen to like looking like a dumbass.

Besides, I only wear them when I already am dressed horribly.

i laughed so hard today, when low and behold I noticed your store is selling Crocs… did you hear me laughing  :smiley:

~good thing you don’t look like a moron in your socks n sandals eh~ uh huh! thats what i thought … i am sure i have proof there smartass…'sides my baby blue crocs are comfy and yer just jeal that my feet are so small…ahahahha

To quote you from a previous board

"I think there is a consensuses on the numbers during the war,  geez "

Or in  this case “I think there is a consensus on the crocs  :-P geez”    :smiley:

Went to do a job at an Ed Center, and you’re supposed to leave your boots at the door.
Mr. The Teacher came out with pink crocs on, thick glasses with the neckstrap on and a Macbook tucked under his arm to see what I was doing.
It was all I could do to keep a straight face… :smiley:

I never said I liked selling them!  I was quite less than extatic when we opened the boxes upon boxes of those ugly suckers! 

I actually tell people they are the some of the worst shoes for your feet and they are better off buying something else, but people buy them anyways!!

I have bought my second pair as they may be ugly they are comfortable :smiley:

Gotta admit, I’ve wondered how they’d be on the feet working in the shop walking back and forth all day.
But a pair of Dr Scholl’s from WalNutz seemed to do the trick and for the extra $40, solved the UGLY problem as well…

Eh, I bought a pair at a professionals supply store last year and people tell me how much they like my shoes-they have a blue sky/ white cloud pattern on them that really looks good. Since I’m on my feet all day (wearing pricey walking shoes), I often wear my Crocs-knockoffs in the evening when I’m out for a walk with the dogs or running errands because it’s the most relaxing pair of shoes I own. They’re also good beach shoes or rather apres-beach shoes. In fact the first time I ever saw them was at one of the ski shops where we used to live-people loved them for apres-slope,easy on the feet evenings.

As for feet in general, I was reading online the other day where so much of our problems with our lower backs,legs and feet stem from the fact our feet were not made for wearing shoes and that our gaits have been adversely affected by the changes wearing shoes have made to our way of walking. Barefoot is best but not very practical even in this mild climate…