Re: The Crest Restaurant


and the people who control your fair town are jack asses and it blows my mind that nobody does anything about it.  I’ve lived in a few towns, and i’ve never seen one run quite the way i have there.  i could list off the idiots that hold the rest of you down…as a former media guy i caught word of quite a few shady dealings…here is a good one. Dave from the tat shop wanted to open a video game centre where teens and other people could come play the computer…that jackass city planner up there told him in his denial that he would have to be accountable for the people roaming the streets a block in each direction…anybody ever heard such crazy shit?  oh if you want stories, i got lots.  who is next

Well the city planner is gone now but I believe there are more then the city planner who was or is opposed to Dave from the tat shop opening such a place,it has many rumors which go with some of the caracters who seem to associate themselves with the Tat shop and we already have a nice arcade happening for the youth and family entertainment. Yes it is well run and clean atmosphere which goes with it. I am surprised that they even allowed the Tat shop in town with those or that caracter lurking around. Plus what does this haave to do with the Crest anyway.

Perhaps the guy at the tatoo shop once had the Crest house Burger for lunch, thus linking him forever to the posts about the Crest.

I know the city planner once ate there cause I saw him there with my very own eyes, so hey it’s like six degrees of separation or something.

Stories, we want stories, but none that will get us thrown in jail please and thank you!!!

the crest has nothing to do with the tat shop…the point was about how Prince Rupert, a town which could use more local business then any other place i’ve seen, does everything in it’s power to stop growth and new business for individuals…now that does not mean people like canadian tire and walmart need worry, as they have massive tax dollars in a town that is almost bankrupt.  First off, dealing with the tat shop, i would not believe the rumours you hear about the owners there, those guys came to the plate big time in a charity event i did for the food bank, and they jumped on board and donated a huge prize, alot quicker then the Crest, which actually said they weren’t interested.  just because you hear bad things about those guys, does not mean they are true…and yes, shady people hang around a tat shop, that’s the nature of tat shops, but i’m covered in tats…are you saying that i’m no good?  and if you want stories, just ask which angle…port authority?  how about Chamber?  or Tourism prince rupert…lots to talk about.

Yeah yeah so I have tats as well and it does not mean we become bad asses to wear them. Well the Game Zone across from Moby Dick serves ones evening of family fun or just for individuals . I do hope that we can keep this setting up without certain individuals hanging around. As far as the Crest goes , yeah the food is not much to write home for the lounge is not too bad with service and their are some interesting individules as well. So no more City Planner but yeah we have to expect more negative to enter our city as time goes by.

How would anyone in their right mind allow kids to frequent a place that sells MJ merchandise. I believe that’s the real reason they were turned down.

The tat shop sells that stuff too, and I believe kids are still allowed in the door.  Hell… the pawn shop sells worse stuff… has posters for drug paraphenailia in the window, and no one ever wonders about their business.

As for the “nice arcade happening for the youth and family entertainment…”  I had no idea what this was referring to until Justin Case’s next post… as most people in town still assosciate that place with the clientele that was hanging out there before.  Having a huge group of youth loitering around the front door drives away a lot more business than they think.

the tat shop and the arcade are simply a small piece in the bigger picture…the fact that somebody would tell a potential owner that they had to be accountable for all mis haps in a city block radius is beyond stupid, i don’t believe the Surf club or Bogy’s has that kind of accountability.  I remember having the mayor on my show talking about how badly rupert needed local business, yet they allow people like the crest to threaten and bully, and they deny others the chance.  Here is a huge shocker though…wait for it…they had no problem allowing a casino!  even after half the town showed up, myself included to a joke of a ‘public input’ session, they already had the support letter approved.  The powers that run Rupert do not give a damn about the people who struggle, and are more then happy to welcome VLT’s of all evils to town.  For a place that has so many decent people living there and trying to get by, the elected officials sure leave alot to be desired…oh and i have stories on them too.  man it’s nice to have nothing to loose by taliing about this

You keep saying that there are many stories for you to be taliing us , so now what . Next you are going to be saying these individuals should be heading the Chamber of Comm. Rupert is like any big city and there are a million stories.

alrighty then…we’ll leave the chamber storie for another day…but this one is a good one
Tony Brigglio the city councillor, who for some reason was very strongly apposed to anybody develloping near rushbrook floats…the business I will leave out because they don’t care to have this told.  But he told the owner ‘to be careful’ because he was connected to the italian mob.  no word of a lie…when i called him to task on it, he became so uncomfortable you could cut the tension with a knife…he’s one of those guys who thinks people will believe him about being a mobster just because he’s italian.  what a joke he is…more?

lol, prince rumors wasnt a nickname I enjoyed but this is truly funny. I think every resident in rupert KNOWS about the corruption, they just dont give a shit enough to do something about it.

FOGET  ABOUT  IT  ,  that story is not concrete enough .  Gatta be careful now with such a Rupert Rumor .

i hear ya man, everybody has something on them, it’s just fun busting out those who have the most to loose when it no longer could cost me my job, and this is why…the people up there are decent, and i really like the town, but you all continue to get fucked by the people who run the place and it’s not fair, some of the best people i’ve ever met are up that way…and some of the dirtiest bastards are too

forget it?  is that you tony?  oh and justin case?  i dont’ know how much he’d want that name being taken…now rollins im’ sure is cool with it, but i don’t know about justin…or his buddie pat thetic

Kind of ironic you tell us not to believe the rumours we hear about one person, yet here you are expecting us to believe the ones you are spreading.


there is a huge differnece between a rumour, and hearing something first hand…it was on an answering machine and i sat and listened to it…the difference between that and 'i hear the guy that owns the tat shop is a hooligan" a big difference, and hey, if you don’t want to hear it, then i’ll keep quiet. 

Did you say the guy who owns the Tat shop is an olligan? I saw him and I thought to myself , yeah he deserves another hamburger . A legend in his own mind.

there is a huge differnece between a rumour, and hearing something first hand…[/quote]

I’m glad we agree. Unfortunately you are the only one here who has that first hand info. To the rest of us it’s just hearsay.

[quote]hear·say  Audio pronunciation of “hearsay” ( P )  Pronunciation Key  (hîrs)

  1. Unverified information heard or received from another; rumor.[/quote]

In other words… a rumor, which takes us back to the irony of your original advice.


fair enough…i’ll keep my hearsay to myself

a word to the wise…keep the people who run your fiar town in check…especially those down at the Port Authority

Oh I’m not saying you shouldn’t post what you want… Go right ahead. I’m just pointing out how silly it is for you to be telling us to ignore rumours while spreading your own.

I’m all for rumours. Having grown up in PR I think it’s in our blood.