Re: The Chairmans minutes of front page fame

I see that the Chairman has been made a front page feature in the Daily News tonight, that after a good samaritan bonked his head trying to help the guy get back into his chair…

For his troubles the guy ends up in hospital for observation, doesn’t seem like the way it should have worked out there…

Feel sorry for the guy trying to help out, suspect however that it will reduce the amount of folks that are willing to “help out” for the next little while…

boom headshot, gotta go!

This should solve the problem:

I didnt get the snews…but I fielded several phone calls from people telling me about the chairmans latest exploit.
I nearly pissed my pants!!!  I think if you go onto the archives of HTMF you will find similiar and better photos of the chair man.
Like the one with the cops chasing him down…or my all time fave…the one with him standing  up and pissin at the inlander.
Does anyone know who the knocked out cold guy is?  Was he hammered?  did the chairman assault him?

I have looked the photo over and over, I really believe the guy knocked out is his brother and he claims to be the chairmans caregiver. His brother has been drunk for about two weeks now I believe.