Re: supporting refugees when were barely supporting ourselves

Igot this off of global bc news , it was a segment about how refugees are being sported while they fight for citezenship for up to 10 years saying we suport them with up to $50,000 of healthcare and welfare alone .

Well the governement wants to shorten the procsess … 

I say in theese times of crisis we should send them all back and should not be giving citezenship . We should be learning how to properly sustain ourselves without paying huge ammounts of taxes and more taxes (hst) that are being used to support refugees.

Closing schools and shorting staff is not the expennses needed to be cut , stop funding other countries and start funding our own!

vancouver and suurounding 17 schools closed

prince george 14 schools closed

were lucky were only loosing 3 in prince rupert ha ha ha ha

At the moment only Westview is closing, September 2011.

Yah man! keep those terrorists and drug dealers off our soil!

Please keep in mind that terrorists (of any kind) and drug dealers can be home grown too, and it doesn’t matter what racial background they come from.

Honestly, I think people like you should educate themselves properly before placing the blame on landed immigrants. Especially grammar.

Or at least know the difference between immigrants and refugees.

We will just work with the spelling before we comment on the grammar,  then we might try arguing with the actual content.

The fact that you spelt one word wrong,  twice,  the same way,  rules out a typo or two.

LMAO  :smiley:

God damn immigrants/refugees need to learn our language before they come here. Send him back!

What does a variation of wheat have to do with spelling lessons?

Just wondering

Here’s the solution.  We can close our schools and still let those refugees in… a German family is seeking asylum in Canada because the German government doesn’t allow them to home school their children … oling.html

If your not native wouldn’t you be an immigrant ? or is it after 1 or 2 generations then the country you occupy is yours ? maybe your race took the land by force and now it’s yours?


So what do refugees and closing schools have to do with each other?

Nothing…it’s obvious he was using the past tense of “spell”

really i just dont care if you all get your panties all bunched up over my spelling and grammar,  just goes to show you how our well our teachers teach and how well our school systems work  … 

For the record no one is native to north america .

Indians are from India

Most of the so called natives here are mongolians that walked across form mongolia and russia to alaska when the ice conected the 2 contenents, its a proven fact lol

spelt 2  (spÄ›lt)   
v.  A past tense and a past participle of spell.

still wondering ?

Natives are immigrants too… just so you know.

That is neither here nor there… you are just clouding the issue. I thought this was about refugees?
I beg to differ on both quotes… it doesn’t matter where FN came from or how they got here. They are the stewards of their lands for future generations. Besides they have been here for many, many years and many more years to come.

What is really getting to me is that while i have to go on EI because my job is cut down to hardly any work,  I have to pay all my tax return to EI, 

meanwhile there is refugees living off of my hard earned taxes for up to $50 000 a year for nothing,

maybe i should take a boat ride to another country and while they wont give me citezenship i could live good for free off of there hard earned money  .


really i just dont care if you all get your panties all bunched up over my spelling and grammar[/quote]

So you rather be known as a village idiot?

What you say and how you write can sometimes give impressions about yourself.