Re: Stabbing?

Not sure what happened across the street but the cops ran into Johnny B’s Tonight and pulled out handguns and told (Censored) That he was under arrest for Assault causing bodily harm.
The guy just stood there it took 3 cops and 3 guns aimed at his head AND a struggle to get him down, I thought for sure he was going to eat lead.

Screenshot or it didn’t happen.

Jees, where’s the youtube video?

Who’s Johnny B?

Johnny B’s Is the Rupert Pub

Sorry No Video

And no picture

But it did happen…Ask around later today find out what happened

Good thing he didn’t have a pair of scissors

The butler in the library with the candle stick?

Yeah I was across the street when it was going down, at least six squad cars and plain close. I was hoping it was the tattoo shop, I was sure someone took him down but yeah just some real real drunk folk and someone out of hand. I manage to get only one photo but not too clear

They dont send in 3 cops and a plain clothes officer for your record free co-operarive subject.  Even with 3-4 mounties there was still a struggle?  With weapons drawn as well?
Sounds almost like suicide by cop.  Or I’m a eedjiot and wanna see how long it takes the cops to tak e me down?
What do some people have going on in there heads?

Frankly, I’m surprised they didn’t just TASER him.

Heck and here I thought I wouldn’t be missing anything when I moved from Rupert. Damn…

Hmm taser…  dude with the current streak with the RCMP and the Taser he could have been good as dead.

Me too, they tasered a 70 year old man here.

the ppl who over do that taser thing…i would LOVE to have a taser and do it to them and see how they like it…and when they try to get up to surrender…i’ll do it again sayin he was goin to attack me… :laughing: :laughing:  oooh the fun i could have with the stupid donut eatin pigs there  :laughing: 

don’t taze me bro.