Re: Something smells for local Gym owners

Moves by the city’s recreation department to offer treadmills, elliptical equipment and personal trainers for free at the Civic Centre, have the owners of “The Gymâ€

Nice to see tax money being put to good use.  Who needs updated infrastructure anyway?

does Joe Gaber also work out… :smiley: joe is a nice guy, but owning a Gym is like a swede owning a Chinese Restaurant or midget (little person) owning a big and tall clothing store.  or like the American’s not invading some country, just because, or Mexicans strapping bombs to there chest and blowing them up.  I think you get the picture… oh wait one more;
or like a bodybuilder running for president .

I was elected to LEAD, not to READ.

Joe and Linda are not going to go broke because the civic center is offering personal trainers…  Give me a break …  The civic center offering this gives people who cannot afford the gym or others who for one reason or another want a difference place to go a chance to acquire the service…  I think spending money on people’s health and fitness is a great idea…  Michael Curnes has made a big difference down there… 

Too bad Joe doesn’t care about his other business establishments as much as he cares about The Gym.

Good for the recreation department.
Thats very proactive thinking.  Remember this people, the civic center is there NOT to make money of our backs.  It a city owned recreation facility therer for the people tax payers.
The equipment in the pool area is in bad need of replacement.

I can understand why The Gym owners would be concerned about this since their own treadmills and ellipticals are in sore need of replacement and are constantly out of order.

Dead right, they arnt even commercial equipment they have, its just high end home gear it was never intended to have one person after another using them, its why they break down all the time. They increased the yearly passes so much each year I eventually had to buy my own gear and train at home.

If you think that’s bad, don’t ever go to King Koin.

Does Joe Gaber still run the bowling alley too?  How’s that going?

nope sold that a few years back…

i know it rains here in rupert quite a bit, but seriously people…
theres’ no better exercise than just getting outdoors and going for a nice jog or walk  :smiley:
cheapest way to exercise too  :smiley:

I’m sorry but do most cities not have a recreation centre with a pool and somewhere to work out???  Take a look at PG for instance.  Give me a break THE GYM!  The civic centre is an affordable place to go work out and it’s not as crowded as THE GYM…ie. you can actually get on a machine at peak times!  Why are you trying to ruin something that will benefit (health-wise) lots of people in town.  Have you ever tried to workout at your GYM before or after work?  Give it a try and you’ll see why people go to the civic centre.  Kinda hard to get on one of the 2-3 working treadmills isn’t it.  Not fair to someone paying $60+/month at your place to go there and find 3 treadmills broken down all the time and 15 people trying to use the other 2-3.

Didn’t they get into the Gym business by default by foreclosing on the people who started the Gym.
The Civic Centre has been there for a lot longer than the Lutz’s and Gaber, and will probably be there when they have moved on to theri next endeavor.
Are they not competing with the City? 

Thing is kisses is that that will only work if exercise is all you want to do then cardio is fine but many others have different goals, if want to get into competitive bodybuilding a stroll through the woods isnt going to cut it, you need very specific equipment to target the desired muscle groups. Before you say “who cares that’s hardly anyone anyways” I have met dozens of guys who would like to get into it but cannot afford a gym pass, a public gym is what they need and as was stated almost every other community has a public gym or has equipment at their pool, the tiny community called port simpson has a nice public gym with modern machines. I think this is one of the few decent uses of city money as everyone who wants to can access them. I, like you prefer outdoor walks for my cardio but as was mentioned by another there is always a lineup for the few working ones at the gym so if the city invested in a few of them they would be very well used.
    To answer bobo yes they had rented the building to dwayne rae, he didnt pay his rent for quite a few months (standard procedure for him), i went down to train one afternoon and there was a sherrif’s paper taped to the door and chains and a heavy padlock, just bought a years pass two and a half month’s earlier, dwayne ya dick thats twice you scam me now with the same scam, serves me right i guess.

ChrisJ I used to work out …really I did. but your right It costs too much for me to buy a pass  and I rather go to the civic I can get a good work out and a swim after…
by the way ChrisJ I have not had a slurpy in 3 month’s, No pop or fast food except for sub’s . Cutting out soft drinks I lost 15 pounds since Jan. I have also noticed that I don’t get stress headaches , and as a bonus I’m…
I thought I would have cravings but they all passed within a few weeks, I really do feel better…it’s nice too see my jeans loose on the waist.

No pop or fast food except for sub’s . Cutting out soft drinks[/quote]

That’s the best thing you can do beside exercise.  Eating foods with empty calories, high fat content, and loads of sugar aren’t going to help no matter how much you work out.

My pass to the pool (also includes civic center and public skating and stuff like that) is $36.00/mo.

It costs $4.50 for a session at the pool, so the pass is great value as long as you go more than 8 times in a month (as I think anyone who is exercising seriously probably would).

The great thing about getting a pass, is that even if you just want to go sit in the sauna for 20 minutes, you’re good to go. But I really like working out at the pool instead of a gym, because at the pool, you’ve got, well, a pool.

Congrats man! I know how hard it is to stay away from junk, its as bad as a narcotic as far as craving it goes, right now I’m having a love affair with chocolate hagen daz and those little white mini donuts at the 7/11, I can eat myself sick with them and usually do. Are you sure those arnt sugar headaches, too much sugar gives me a headache sometimes, never stops me though, pop is just liquid sugar. I cant believe that shit is legal to sell to kids it shouldnt be bad diet is probably the biggest killer in north america, not even george bush kills more people in a year than coca cola, when the caine became illegal they switch to the next best thing. Anyways hats off there astro it aint easy, you should take measurements of yourself now as your just getting back into it, that way later when motivation and interest declines you can look back and see how much progress you have made, I have found that can really help ya keep grinding away when it feels like a bore and a waste of time. I remember when i first got serious with my diet how much of a difference it made in the way i felt, its alot more dramatic then most folks would think. Well time for me to crash, good health to ya there dude.