Re: Retail takes a hit

I disagree.

Hey I wouldnt be gripin’ if someone would bribe me! Lurkers take note, I am not the type of person that will sell out my principles. Cheaply.

What?  And you know this from…?

As for BP and The Keg “ruining” the Crest, there is no chance.  The Crest all about atmosphere.  It’s meant to be an eating experience.  Boston Pizza is all about appys, crappy pizza and big TV’s over their bar.

…a BP with a patio and a water view would be nice…HMMMMM

It was bought that long ago?  Someone just mentioned to me the other day the for sale sign was finally gone.  Any idea what they plan on doing with it?

Re:  The Crest - I don’t believe the Crest would suffer if BP or The Keg came into town… each place has it’s own clientele, and there are still going to be the Crest’s regular customers who go there just as often.  Stanley’s right… BP is all about appy’s and not so great pizza… but it is a great place to watch a hockey game, or go with groups for a fun time. 

Park Avenue store and gas will open eventually, they need to do some work on the tanks there and such before opening the place, they want to do things right rather than open up and then have to take care of things on the fly.

As for the BP, Keg vs Crest debate, different fishies in the seas there.

Both BP and Keg aren’t really what one would call competition for the Crest clientele, they would actually be serving a niche that doesn’t have much happening here at the moment, maybe take away from Rhodos, Rain and Zorbas…

BP would never buy a lot with a view, would detract from all the Big Screen TV’s and such, ever notice they always build on a high traffic area, view lots are not their thing.

The Keg would be nice, I think it would be moneymaker in this town, personally if I had the cash, I’d buy up the building that Pac Net is in and build my Keg there, you’d be right down by the Cow Bay cash cow and be an attraction all to yourself. But I don’t have the money so what I think means squat…

I used to work at a Copperside, although the job there was pretty awful; your 1 hour “break” usually turned out to be around 2 hours considering you were jumping up every 10 minutes to do full-serve gas or propane.  You never really got to get much work done at the one I worked at because on person did gas, one cashier, and one bakery person, so while you’re trying to stock shelves or clean or something it’s “ding ding” full serve.

As for the Zellers; that place scares me.  It’s so old it reminds me of the 80s and early 90s when I actually used to go there (when it was K-Mart)… now their greasy-ass restaurant just sits there and the bathrooms probably haven’t been cleaned since I was last in there (for more than 10 minutes) back in the 90s.

I think the biggest downside is location though.  When I pull into the mall in Terrace (rarely) I always turn my music off to not give away the fact that I have expensive car audio equipment in there that the many questionable people that hang out out front can steal.  Plus, the mall is just downright dirty.  It should be bulldozed and have something fresh put up.

It wasn’t that long ago that the Skeena Mall was the place to go and shop in the Northwest.  Its amazing how a few years, some big box development and the closure of some key retailers have completely changed the fortunes of the mall and the outlook of the residents.  The Rupert Square is half empty already.  The development of larger retail outlets here would obliterate it.  The price of progress I suppose.

I can honestly say the stores that are still open in the mall… are doing very good for themselves, with the exception of maybe 2 stores… everyone is still making lots of money.

Oh yeah… and theres a Buy One Get One for 50% off at Athletes World until monday :smiley:  It includes most shoes, ALL clothing, and ALL accessories!

Man if I had the Coin to open anything, it would be a smaller Tim Hortons right Next to Zorbas in that empty lot… few parking stalls and a DRIVE THRU, I know in the morning when I got pick up my morning coffee the line ups are huge, some days there ok, but lots of times theres HUGE and meh A drive thru timmys would = MONEY

Boston Pizza used to be in Rupert. I can’t see them returning.

Thats because there’s so many other quality pizza joints for them to compete against right?

Boston Pizza probably left Rupert becuase their food sucks and it’s expensive. Who in Rupert can afford a shitty and expensive meal? I hated the place.

The same people that go to the crest, in my opinion they are both the same class of food. They’re both right in between quality food and fast food.  What rupert really needs is a milestones  :stuck_out_tongue: mmm spicy thai wings

:astonished: we actually agree on something! albeit food…nonetheless…

Food could settle all wars… if everyone ate enough anyway.

I think that’s why England ended up colonizing and conquering so many countries.  Their food sucked so badly that they had to go and steal it from everyone else!

Boston Pizza has totally refined their model restaurant since they were here in Pr Rupert. It is much more of a combined Family/sports bar theme and I think would do extemely well here.  If you look at some of our neighbouring communities you’ll see many stores and restaurants in towns smaller than we are. Lets take a quick tally.

Burns Lake…

Real Canadian Wholesale Club


A&W, Mr Sub


Boston Pizza, A&W, Canadian Tire, KFC/Taco Bell, Dairy Queen, Tim Hortons Drive Thru


Wal-Mart, Canadian Tire, Wholesale Club, A&W, Tim Hortons Drive Thru, Boston Pizza, Staples, Dairy Queen, Pizza Hut


Dairy Queen

The only thing that Rupert has that none of them do is a Famous Players. I think that some of those listed in other towns would be the front runners at opening outlets in Rupert. They have already shown a desire to expand their business in the north and Rupert would be the next logical place. Please Mum also recently pulled out their franchise and noted that they may return as a corporate store. Shoppers is also in need of a re-location.

Something the terrace and smithers city counsils have done since their sawmills shutdown (Both back up now), was to try and expand the commercials business base. They then attract people from Prince Rupert or Kitimat for example, where commercial business was/is underutilized to come to their towns to shop.  Kitimat is the most hurting town as far as business goes… They have a total of 5 stores, and theres as many people there as Prince Rupert, give or take a few.