Re: Retail takes a hit

While we all play Smartass’ guess who’s coming to the Rupert Square game, here’s a reverse of the positive retail flow.

The Terrace Zellers location is scheduled to close its doors in January of 2007, the long time anchor of the Skeena Mall (it was a K Mart before the Big Z took over) is part of a number of stores across Canada to close as part of the Hudson Bay Company’s reorganization plans.

Can’t say as it’s a surprise to me. Anytime I went into the Zellers in Terrace I found it dumpy and dark, felt like taking the staff over to the lighting aisle and showing them which of the flourescent tubes to use to add some light to the store.

The difference in the shopping experience between Wal Mart, Canadian Tire and even that Big Box Grocery store down the road from Wal Mart was markedly different than that of Zellers. Always felt like I wanted to get out of Zellers as soon as I got in the store.

Guess that’s another notch on the Wal mart belt, but Zellers didn’t really do much in Terrace to try to take them on anyways, so I can’t say as its a shock to hear they are closing.

Wal Mart’s bed post has more notches on it then my ex girlfriends.

I hope you’re not suggesting that your ex girlfriends were in the (ahem) retail or service sector! :astonished:

I wasn’t, but upon reading that, I am now.

Would you consider her a big box??


again, hadn’t thoguht that angle, but now, yes

Zellers is just latest of casualties related to retail develoment and a poor economy in Terrace. Â The Co-op closed its grocery, hardware, clothing and building supply operations after Canadian Tire and the Wholesale Club moved into town. Â Home Hardware stayed alive for a while but eventually closed after Canadian Tire opened. Â 7-11 closed after the Wholesale Club opened and plans to build gas bar at neighbouring Safeway were revealed. Â The Bargain Shop closed after WalMart moved in. Â

I like to support the smaller businessman but admit that I look after number one and will shop where I can get the best deal. Â The big stores have such buying power that it makes it next to impossible for the smaller store to survive. Â There is also the issue of convenience. Â I condsider WalMart to be the next generation of convenience store. Â Traditionally convenience stores were a quick and easy place to get food or snacks but the new type allows you to do one stop shopping. Â There does not seem to be any consumer loyalty anymore either.


7-11 closed after being robbed too many times durring the night shift…

Why have a 7-11 when you have a kickass Copperside?  I think I went into the Terrace 7-11 twice while it was in business… it’s not a huge loss when you have better places to go.

The 7-11 here on the other hand… is the best place to go, and it’s open 24 hours, unlike the other “Convienience” stores that close before midnight.

The only problem that I have with Coppersides is that when you just want gas you end up in a long lineup of people paying for groceries. It takes way too long to get through there sometimes. And not all of them have slurpees.

Don’t kid yourself. If it was making money it would still be open. Whether the robberies that you speak of had any effect or not, the store was not in a good position with the economy and with Safeway opening right next door. Besides, it was in a crappy location.

Zellers sucks. I know people who don’t know what Zellers is. Even the ones in Calgary and Grande Prairie are as bad as the Rupert store. Copperside is best convienience store I know of. Anytime I’m driving through Terrace, I make the stop.

I love the food at Copperside.  Every time we go through I grab at least 2 $5 fruit trays, and they last for days.  These fruit trays have at least twice as much fruit in them than any grocery store, for half the price.  Their sandwiches and salads rock too. 

i once heard that coperside wanted to put a store or 2 in rupert but they wernt welcome

was probably too close to the crest

Actually if memory serves correct it would have been too close to Spero’s, one possible Copperside location was to be that patch of grass between Spero’s market and the Civic Centre.

Not sure where the other location was to be, but if they had wanted to come in I’m thinking they could have had the old Park Avenue Shell location for a song, considering how long it sat unsold until the guys at Eddies picked it up earlier in the year.

Yeah, that Zellers in Terrace was dark and messy. Actually, compared to a lot of other Zellers stores I’ve been to, the Rupert one stacks up pretty well. I usually get good service too - but, then again, I am ridiculously handsome. :smiley:


rimshot?  does that mean i almost shot this post into the wasteland? 


it’s dark and cold in here

No, as in it was funny.

The crest are all too whimpy to consiter having proper competion, as in restaurants, so they bribe Herby with free meals to no let any new restaurants come into town.  Boston Pizza would ruin the crest… even better… the Keg would ruin them.