Re: Residential Recycling
Hello everybody,
I have recently started a Residential Curbside Recycling program here in Prince Rupert
People have been telling me that this Town is ready for its own curbside recycling.
please give this topic some feedback regarding the need for this service, if you have heard of us, how we are doing if you are a customer, or weather this service would interest you
Happy Recycling

—Aaron Bosco
Prince Rupert Eco Management
P: 622-8309

Definitely.  It’s way overdue.  Are you talking about paper only, or other recyclables as well?

But I’d like to address the other side of the issue for a second:

Does anybody else get as much junk mail as I do?  I’m talking about all these papers I never asked for, the flyers, etc?  They really start to pile up.

I was thinking of putting a “don’t spam me, bro” sign on my mailbox.  Does anybody else do that?  Does it work?

Great idea…good luck with it.

Oh, I’m so glad to read this!  I’m moving up there soon-ish, and was upset by the fact that the town doesn’t have curbside recycling!  I’m so glad to know that the town is moving forward!

This should go over really good so here goes. Recycling is a complete scam, it uses more energy to recycle than to just toss it out with glass and metals being the exception, before you all tear me out a new asshole do your own research, this is a fact although the industry itself doesnt want you to know that, there is big big bucks in having us all think the enviroment is destined to be toast if we dont participate in it. the truth is we hurt the enviroment even more with it, its a huge waste of energy and doesnt do much if anything for reducing polution.
        You want to do something that will really help get rid of your suv and other energy wasting toys, truth is we dont want to give up our way of life so we have this recycle bullshit to make us feel better about ourselves while ignoring the big ugly reality of how we all live, dont think your saving the planet by doing it, the planet has seen much worse than human trash, it will be just fine, its us humans that will become extinct from too much pollution, probly be healthier than its ever been once its rid of the cancerous human race, we are like a virus it has and like our immune system will fight a cancer you can be sure the earth itself will do what it can to rid itself of the infection, and it will serve us right when it happens. All the recycling in the wolrd isnt making much of a difference because of the very nature of how its done, you cant turn shit into gold.
      The recycling industry is a scam sold to the public to fool us into continuing with our polluting ways and making a new very highly profitable industry that consumes huge ammounts of fossil fuels to operate, and uses more energy than it produces, kinda like you towing a huge gas tank behind your car so’s to save fuel by not having to drive to the gas station as often, you actually burn far more fuel towing the damn thing everywhere than it takes to drive to the gas station and you can see many instances of that type of thing in life so it seems to me saving the environment isnt really what they are trying to do, generate more profits off of the fact most folks want to do the right thing and care about the type of world we leave to future generations, they have figured out how to profit from that too.
          If I am wrong why is it all us little people are supposed to reduce our pollution yet big bussiness doesnt, they move the heavy polluting industries over seas where we cant see it and there isnt much in the way of regulation. I worked at the pulp mill for fifteen years and witnessed many many “middle of the night dump it all into the harbour, tide will wash it away before daylight” yet we are supposed to worry about our household garbage? The big boys themselves dont give a shit and have found a way to get richer tricking us into giving a shit, dont fall for it.


Some of what you say is probably right.  I’ve always felt that non-biodegradeable material such as plastic could always be mined out of old landfills if needed in a shortage.  I really don’t even understand the process of making plastic to be able to say for certain that this would make sense but it’s a thought.  Without getting too deep into the subject, I do feel that we still do have a responsibility.  Non-renewable items such as metals and hazardous materials such as paint and batteries should be recycled rather then going into a landfill site.  No doubt that many people and industries, such as the ones you mentioned, do not follow regulations or dispose of things properly. 

Burning of fossil fuels is something else.  Alternative power sources are being researched and some are on the market now.  I’m not sure what the future holds for fueling large pieces of equipment but I have heard of the possibility of using water as fuel by separating the the H and the O and being able to run off of Hydrogen.  We’ll see what the future holds.

How about you break this into paragraphs.

Done, sorry about that, I get carried away and forget.

I’ll start recycling when I stop receiving a mailbox full of flyers from stores.

As for bottles and cans - don’t have too many of those. Plastics - well okay yeah they need to be recycled.  :wink:

Ahh, so you’re not going to start behaving rationally until everyone else does?

Nah, I mean I’ll start behaving ‘rationally’ when the little guy stops having to pay for big business’ practices…at the end of each week I’ve got a good 2-4lbs of paper in fliers, credit card offers etc.

I’m not against green, I’m against having to pay for a senseless problem someone else created and I have no ability to opt out of.  :wink:

Nah, I mean I’ll start behaving ‘rationally’ when the little guy stops having to pay for big business’ practices…at the end of each week I’ve got a good 2-4lbs of paper in fliers, credit card offers etc. [/quote]

I’m pretty sure that we said the same thing.

Plastic is made from oil.

I see you’re doing your part - you recycled your account?

Tree hugging and ‘Go Green’ propaganda aside; it’s not acting irrationally to refuse to carry out an action based upon one’s opinion or one’s convictions. A good example of acting irrationally relating to recycling would be to throw all the plastics in Butze Rapids and burn all the flyers while taking the glass in to be recycled. But I’m sure that’s what ya meant  :wink:

I think that being a part of a socialist nation like Canada means that sometimes you have to do a little bit more to make up for the people that don’t do enough. Like welfare.

I think that because some people or corporations are very unfriendly to the environment is even more incentive for environmentalists that have the wherewithal and volition to do as much as they can.

I am willing to accept that sometimes I will put more into the system than I get out of it.

I need to disclaim, however, that I am not hippy, eco-terrorist, or really much of an activist. I recycle bottles and cans (well, give 'em to kids doing bottle drives who I assume are recycling them) but I throw lots of paper and cardboard in the trash. But I’m not going to justify it by saying that “other people don’t, so why should I?”. I’ll justify it by admitting that I’m too lazy to administer my own household recycling. I just wanted to point out what I felt was a logical fallacy in your post.

How’s about some common sense?
Nobody gives too much of a damn about the junk paper in a province full of trees and treeplanters and unemployed loggers. Unless you have the damn ambition to collect it and sell it in bulk. Send a bargeful to Vancouver and you’ll make money.
But seeing as how you live next to an outfit that takes bauxite, ships it half way round the world, reverses fucking rivers, floods out reserves, and doesn’t give a shit about jobs just exporting the cheap electricity we sold out to them now…
And in a harbour where one drum of spilled oil will make pretty glaring results…
And at the end of a road where you pay thru the nose cuz everything has to be trucked or shipped in… including the GAS everyone was crying about the price of…
And in a town squished between the sea and the mountains without a lot of places to bury garbage…

Some of these rants, if they’re not outright trolling are incredible.
If you really think recycling is a scam, you’re an asshole plain and simple.
A lazy, selfish dinosaur with all the intellect of a hammer. Move to the States to be among your own kind.

How’s about some common sense?
…a  lazy, selfish dinosaur with all the intellect of a hammer. Move to the States to be among your own kind. [/quote]


Sometimes the truth stings a little, don’t it?

Oh common, even the US Government admits that global warming is a problem.
In fact they even backed down in Bali.
Though Bali didn’t really achieve much but at least they agreed to agree in the future.

A wise man once said "why do today when you can put off until tomorrow"
with that being said, sure its not our problem right now, but its going to be our children’s and their children problem. They will be the ones to come up with solutions; until then keep polluting the planet we all live on… that my friends is sarcasm

It’s not just the next generation’s problem. I live in the First District Municipality to Dump Raw Shit in The Fraser River System.
Kudo’s to umpteen Town Councils for reminding us how expensive secondary treatment would be. A Golden Procrastinator Cup to them.