Re: Printers

I need a good cheap printer.

Dont want color, when i hit print i want it to print instantly, I want a real clear sharp dark text.
And refillable ink.

I know nothing about printers, ive never had one before.

Why do you want ink if you don’t want colour?  Just get a cheap personal laser printer.  Less than $100.

Goto Kaien Printer Essentials, behind the liqour store.  Lots of printers in stock… If you just want a black printer, i would recommend going with a laser printer.  You can get a laser printer for around $100 and you won’t have problems with ink drying up.  On top of that, ink is far more expensive consittering you get far less copies from a single cartridge.  All laser printers come with a full toner cartridge, and depending on how much printing you do, you’d probably get a year or more worth of printing from the original cartridge included with the printer.

Quebecor World does a good job of printing.

In fact, they printed the last run of the Prince Rupert phone book.

High Five!