Re: Prince Rupert in the National Post

Prince Rupert has made the National Post in an article about 10 places you should get in on the ground floor with a new business.

It’s been really good to see us in the news for positive stuff. Not like the old days when it would take a murder or a blockade.


Ranked at #1 as well. Its nice to see after all of these tough years. Great promise fills our region.

I would never had guessed that the number of Tim Hortons in a town was a measure of economic strength.  That’s all we need - more F’n Tim Hortons!

Terrace had 3 Timmies for a loooong time.  We could at least have a drive-thru or a small one somewhere else.

Bite your tongue!

Tim Hortons:Canada = Old Glory:USA

You can’t have too many Tim Hortons (what’s the plurar of Tim Hortons?). There was a contest on CBC Radio a few years to find the largest town in Canada without a Tim Hortons, as well as the smallest town in Canada with a Tim Hortons.Â

Didn’t they just open a Tim’s in Kandahar?

Nelson doesn’t have a Timmies.  I was amazed by that.  Apparently they don’t have many other chains either.

I wonder if there is a study somewhere that has the number of Timmies per capita?

Moncton, N.B.  Population: around 120 000 in the greater Moncton area.
Number of Tim Horton’s :  28

Halifax, N.S.  Within a 10 miles radius, 78 Tim Hortons franchises can be counted.

Do you think rumours of Tim Horton’s coffee being highly addictive are false!|

It really can be a measuring stick for economic strength. New retailers = growth and promise. Another intersting point about the article was that Pr George was ranked at #2. With such diversity and potential in the North, the whole corridor from here to PG stands to gain alot. Its been a long road but it seems that the light at the end of the tunnel is now in plain sight.

Perfect, so now our solders can save their ammunition, invite the enemy for doughnuts and Timbits and hope they die from clogged arteries.  At the very least, hopefully the enemy would develop a taste for Tim’s and want to expand them across their country, strengthening the Canadian economy.  Don’t get me wrong, I too enjoy a doughnut every once-in-awhile, but i don’t need to have access to one on every street corner. 

er isnt tim hortons american owned now…

yes, it’s owned by Wendy’s, isn’t it?

Yup, Wendy’s bought Tim’s a couple of years ago.

I think they spun it off again?  I thought there was a Tim Hortons IPO a few months ago?  Wendys has also said it would sell off all its shares of Tim Hortons. 

So I think it’s publicly traded now.

I will write a letter to the editor of the Caledonia Courier:
Kandahar get a Tim Hortons and We Don’t.
We couldn’t even have the main restaurant open Canada Day when we were actually full of tourists…

The owner told me she wanted to open but had no staff willing to work. Partly due to Johnny, the kid who worked for me until 5:30 then was her maitre’d from 6 until 10 pulling the town’s fastest bale-out. Wrote his last exam at 2:00, came in to work for the goodbye party we threw him, left for Calgary next morning. 16 hours to get the hell out of Dodge, the rest of the grads are jealous!


Apparently there’s only 79 Timmies on the way from Rupert to Corner Brook NFLD,  and it would take 83 hours of driving to get there from here.

I noticed they left quite a few out though, they didn’t even mention Terrace.

Apparently there’s only 79 Timmies on the way from Rupert to Corner Brook NFLD, and it would take 83 hours of driving to get there from here.[/quote]

Based on your information, everything being equal (i.e. equal distance between Timmies) you would come across one every 1.05 hours.  But, obviously there isn’t equal distance between them.  So, you’ll just have to stock-up when you reach one.

I like that, next time I plan a vacation I’m going to base it on the Tim-map.  It’s important to know where a good coffee can be found while traveling.

What we need is one of those Drive thru Beer and Wines I seen in Williams Lake.  :smiley:

The only reason there is a drive through Beer and Wine in Williams Lake is so you wont’ get robbed between your car and the parking lot…now you get car jacked at the drive through…kind of like South Afirca