Re: Prince Harry and the common folk

Once again we see that Prince Harry can hold his own when it comes to the common folk, that is a great photo on todays Bourque. Does not look like he can hold his liquor very well though.


Go find todaysA town called Podunk. Great photo.

Somebody call our name? … 6594915147

I do believe Prince 'Arry is turning out to be as common as they come, no doubt much to Gran and Gramp’s chagrin. Good thing he’s currently third in line, one supposes.

Not that the monarchy will mean much for long after the Good Ship Liz 2 departs this mortal coil. I admire her steadfastness and sense of duty, but the House of Windsor seems to be serving a rapidly diminishing service in this 21st century … less relevant to modern culture, really, than the House of Pancakes.

Well, as things have turned out it seems this has been a case of everything old, is new again!!! … icbox&ct=5

Of course that didn’t stop the Fleet Street newspapers from showing more pics of young Harry and his night out on the town… These will sure help him smooth things over with the girlfriend.

One this is certain though, the whole thing has been good for the blogging business! … 2688471679