Re: Pizza Hut Review

Plus Side: Food really good, Good idea with the lunch buffet.

Negative Side: Is pizza hut supposed to be a fast food resturant? Because here you wait 1 and a half to pick your food and get your food in the resturant.

It’s run by 16 yr old girls.

yeah??  i guess thats the only plus … the view hahaha … no realliy the waterfront ain’t bad lookin’      :smiley:    i’ve yet to pay a visit to this hut of the pizza

Yeah, but is it run by “summer” girls?  “summer 16, summer 17?” 

Ok - that was a groaner, I admit. :smile:

Whoa? k then kaleid.

Ive been to the pizza hut three or four times since it open must say the food is extremely good the girls are all very pleasant and young and most very nice looking i think it great that we finally hava another family restaurant to go to and not have to pay a fortune for the food some say it really slow service but we should all remeber most of these girls are all new to this sort of thing waitressing that is so give them a break and enjoy our new restaurant your always going to get someone who complains about something but i must say ive enjoyed it everytime and if your a young guy out there you should go lots of good looking young girls working lolololo they need the tips

Summary of your post:

Nice girls, young girls and family resturant

The legal age-of-consent in canada is 14.  Pedophilia is attraction to pre-pubescent children.

aahaha thats funny!!! to me.

Went to pizza hut  today, for lunch, service and coffee is something to be desired. coffee takes like crude oil. PIzza and food was good. out of 5 stars service would get 1/2 a star food would get 3.5 out 5 stars.  we ended up waiting for 15-20 minutes after been seated for anybody to come back and ask if we were ready and had to be i Guess the Manager and he went and got one of the waiteress. they need people who know what they are doing. i have never served but could do better then the service i got today

Do they deliver let?

Well I would cut the place on service at least for a little while. It must be tough to start an operation like that with a whole new crew from top to bottom. The service was a little slow when we went there but the food was good and we could see that the staff were trying to do a good job. It’s not like they were all standing around ignoring us.

I believe not. Sorry Minesmoria be i do not think so, you order food and pick it up at Pizza Hut.

Yeah, but still. Assuming this Justice3 character is about 30 or 40 yrs old, that’s pretty disturbing to me.


BTW, the legal age-of-consent in Canada is 16 now. … %20LAW(txt

Still 14. 

actually they were standing around doing nothing at least 4 of them were when we walked in and stood there for about 5 minutes before they Manager(the guy) said one of you need to seat them.

Pretty sure it’s self seating? 

Hmmm… I thought the house got it passed, or maybe it’s stuck in the senate.

Thanks BTW.

No, the waitress find you a clean available table according to how many people in a group.

There is a Sign saying " PLEASE WAIT TO BE SEATED" right as you come in the door

hay jewels u sound like u work there