Re: ooooh gmail IMAP

Wow, gmail has IMAP access now.  Why are people still using hotmail?

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What the hell is an IMAP?

Upon further inspection of the picture… sweet! 

Normally, e-mail programs (like outlook express, etc), use POP3 to retrieve your mail.  You download your mail from Citywest (or wherever) and delete it from their servers. 

The trouble is that if you use more than one computer, your e-mail is always out of sync.  You download your e-mail at home, then go to work, and you can’t get it (unless you leave a copy on the server, then you end up with copies on both computers).

IMAP is a different way of getting your mail.  Rather than downloading your mail to your computer, you leave it on the server all the time.  Then you can delete it from there when you’re done with it.  Your computer is connected to your mailbox on the server “live” so that any changes you make will be reflected in any other IMAP computer that’s connected.

Hope that was a simple explanation.

Anyway, IMAP is a lot better than POP3… your mail synchronizes across all your computers.

Advantages over POP3: … _over_POP3

Normally, you have to pay to have an IMAP connection.  I don’t think Citywest even has it enabled, do they?  So this is a big step for gmail.

I haven’t used a standalone email client since I got into the gmail beta.

Yeah, I only use gmail now.  All of my contacts, everything in one place. :smile:

I have a couple servers with IMAP. AFAIK I’m the only one to use the feature…

Mig Recommended Mail-Plane for mac, that program kicks ass :smile:

Thanks, MiG, just set my home copies of Thunderbird from pop gmail access to IMAP. :sunglasses:

So which client do you recommend? Thunderbird?

Thunderbird was the last client I used.

I found Thunderbird very quick and easy to set-up for IMAP.  Being an open source person I’m partial to TBird.

Oh God, I set up 23 email accounts for the native school. Tomorrow their tech is gonna call at least 50 times to ask what’s wrong with the server, the password doesn’t work, how do I do it on IncrediMail, etc.
I emailed all the info & set up instructions to the principal and was tempted to add that if his idiot tech even called me once his bill would triple.

I won’t even tell them IMAP is available.

I personally think you should do this, why? Because he is a tech he should be able to know how to setup email accounts ESPECIALLY if he is getting paid a tech wage. Giving him the instructions was a kind thing to do, he should be smart enough to install and configure INSHREADA-MAIL. I think you should tell the principal, if he does call you for more BASIC tech work help then he should be replaced but you should also be compensated for the time and work your helping with. Phone support is not available, just say it to him next time he calls.

C’mon man this is so easy of things to do.

Just my 2 cents tho.


Sent those set up instructions to the principal.
He will just get billed if the guy calls and I will be happy to explain we charge more to train people than we do to come fix things ourselves.
Besides, the principal’s the only one who should set up a client on his computer. The rest should stick to SquirrelMail.

Yup I agree, why should the tech have access to his email anyways. Squirrelmail kinda sux tho, a client is better :stuck_out_tongue: However you could setup a Imap server so they can all use thunderbird :stuck_out_tongue:


A client is better?

Webmail rocks my box.

If you’re going to use web-based mail, gmail is the absolute best.  I even use it for mail (check ).

BUT… an e-mail client is great for being offline.  Like you’re on a long flight and want to answer your e-mails and stuff.

Agreed. I’ve been using Gmail for ages myself and it surpasses all others that I’ve tried.

Agreed.  I love using Thunderbird to compose a long e-mail when you’re off-line.  I think it is amazing to watch the IMAP e-mail client synchronize itself with gmail when you send mail.  IMAP rocks.